Leadership Seminar

SSS/MHU Biltmore Leadership Seminar

The SSS/MHU Biltmore Leadership Seminar took place Tuesday, February 25, 2020.

Students receive: 

  • Professional development in a corporate setting from trained workshop facilitators.
  • Direction in discovering a personal mission and a personal brand.
  • Tools and resources necessary to pursue personal goals.
  • Lunch with workshop leaders and facilitators.
  • Entrance to the famed Biltmore House and grounds.

Session Summaries:

Personal Brand

This workshop guides student leaders in developing their internal authority – their
confidence, conviction, authenticity, and personal vision – because when students have
internal authority and a life vision, others will naturally follow. Participants will walk
away with a greater understanding of themselves by working through these questions:

  • What do I stand for?
  • Why am I doing what I’m doing?
  • What are my personal core values?
  • What is my vision for the future?
  • What behaviors must I strengthen or change to achieve my fullest potential?

Leadership Influence

The second component of authentic leadership is the power to influence, genuinely. We believe that every student leader is capable of influencing their future, the community, and eventually, an organization’s direction. Often, students discover their leadership style and the archetypes that currently define them during their academic journey. Biltmore Best Practices in Authentic Leadership guides students in identifying their unique leadership gifts, examining their strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots. Students will have the opportunity to take a brief self-assessment which will guide them in identifying their leadership style, and understanding the opportunities and gifts that lie within each sphere:

  • Crisis Director
  • Relationship Manager
  • Facilitator, Integrator/Inspirer
  • Mentor/Coach
  • Sage/Visionary
  • Manager/Organizer

Visioning: Direction, Commitment, Alignment

The final piece of crafting an authentic leader is the skill of visioning. While a organizational leader has the unique role of guiding his company into the future, for students, visioning means plotting out their life direction. This section of the workshop will be devoted to creating a Legacy Life Plan. Students will identify goals they seek to achieve in their personal and professional lives, what they want to be known for, and who they aspire to be. We’ll also encourage students to find an accountability partner who can stand by them as they make their goals a reality. The result? By the end of the day, students will have the tools and first steps to crafting a powerful, influential legacy. With practice, they can become everyone’s favorite leader using their authentic, genuine approach to life.

Student Support Services is a TRIO grant funded by the Department of Education. Mars Hill University is an equal opportunity provider and employer.