Frequently asked questions

  • Besides your favorite outfit and other essentials, we encourage you to pack these items:
    • Cleaning supplies and toilet paper (we don’t provide these)
    • Laundry supplies and a portable hamper
    • Room dĂ©cor that is removable and adhesive-based
    • An adhesive hook to hang your keys on (trust us, losing your keys is stressful!)
    • Surge protector or multi-outlet power strip (U/L listed, 15 amps/120 volts per outlet)
  • Be sure to coordinate with your roommate/suitemates about larger items like a mini fridge (must be 4.0 cubic feet or smaller), small microwave (must be 700 watts or less), area rug, small appliances (must be auto-shut-off), etc. We only allow one mini fridge and/or microwave per room.

We encourage residents to ask ahead of time about items they wish to bring if they feel those items may run counter to our policies. Below is a selected list of items to bring and items to not bring. Please note that all items to not bring have been identified by both our Facilities Office as well as our Safety and Security Office as items that could contribute to a dangerous residential environment. For more information about policies and procedures, please view the Student Handbook.

Don’t Bring This

(Not allowed in residence halls)

…But You Can Bring This!

(Allowed in residence halls)

String/holiday lights Auto-shut-off fairy lights

LED strips

Candles, incense, or other open flame source Auto-shut-off essential oil diffusers

Nonelectric air fresheners

Unapproved animals Fish(es) in a (10-gal or less) tank
Cooking appliances with open heating elements (toasters, George Foreman grills, hot plates, classic coffee pots, electric frying pans, etc.) Auto-shut-off small appliances (Keurig single-serve, electric kettle, air fryer, etc.)
Weapons Small (less than 4” blade) cooking knife
Extension cords Surge protector or multi-outlet power strip (U/L listed, 15 amps/120 volts per outlet)
Personal air conditioner units or space heaters Box fan or personal-sized fan

Auto-shut-off heating blanket

Ceiling fans, wall sconces, or other permanent room fixtures Room décor with removable adhesive

Lamps or adhesive wall lights

Full-size refrigerators, microwaves, or freezers Mini fridge (4.0 cubic feet or smaller)

Small microwave (max. 700 watts)

Live Christmas trees or large plants Artificial Christmas tree (max. 5’ tall)

Small plant in a (8” or less in diameter) pot/planter

All full-time (12+ credit hours per semester) students must reside on campus unless he/she is eligible for commuter status. If you have identified eligibility with Admissions, their staff will notify Residence Life staff.

    1. Student must reside with a parent or legal guardian at their legal permanent address in one of the following counties: Buncombe, Burke, Haywood, Henderson, Madison, Mitchell, McDowell, Transylvania, Yancey, and Unicoi in Tennessee;
    2. Student must be legally married and be able to produce a valid marriage certificate;
    3. Student must be a single parent or legal guardian with custody of a child under the age of 18 and be able to produce documentation demonstrating this responsibility (court order, power of attorney, etc.);
    4. Student must be a veteran of more than 180 consecutive days on active military duty;
    5. Student must be 21 years of age or older by the first day of Fall semester classes; or
    6. v. Student must have lived on campus for 6 or more semesters.

We have a very limited number (less than 25% of all rooms!) of single-occupancy rooms on First-Year Hill. Once we assign single rooms to students with university-approved accommodations, we will then add any remaining single rooms general room inventory. If you indicate a preference for a single room on the housing application, the system will assign you to a single if there is one available. If there is not one available, the system will use your other listed preferences and your responses to the lifestyle questionnaire to match you with a roommate and make an assignment. If you need to request a housing accommodation, please contact Accessibility Services for more information and to submit a request.

Each residence hall has different bathroom styles: Myers, Gibson, and Laurel Halls have community-style bathrooms on each hallway, while Brown and Turner Halls have a mixture of suite-style and single bathrooms shared by two adjoining rooms.

Yes, first-year students are allowed to bring their car! Before you arrive on campus, you need to register the vehicle with Campus Security to receive a parking permit for the year. There is free parking for residents available outside of each residence hall.

We love our furry friends, we just don’t have room for them all! Residents may only have service animals or Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) that have been approved by Accessibility Services BEFORE moving into a residence hall. Contact our Accessability Services Coordinator, Judith Harris, at for more information.

Each room is furnished with a Twin XL bed, desk, desk chair, dresser, and closet. These items must stay in the room, but bunking beds is an option for you and your roommate. You are not permitted to bring full-sized furniture (such as couches or personal bed frames), but you are welcome to bring small items (such as storage cubbies or a side table).

Each student can select their roommate in the MHU Housing Portal. This portion of the process is not open until a housing application has been completed by both/all roommates. Students can search for, request, and accept requests for roommates within the “Roommate and Room Selection” tab of the Res Life Portal. If a student does not prefer to select a roommate during this portion of the process, the roommate matching questionnaire completed in the housing application will be used to match the student with a roommate before the room assignment process begins.

That’s OK! Our housing software will match you with a roommate based on your preferences and answers to the roommate matching questionnaire.

There are laundry machines located in each building, usually on the lowest-level floor of the building, that residents may use at no additional cost.

We do not offer apartment-style housing for first-year students. However, there are a few suite-style housing options available to first-year students in Brown and Turner Halls.

Great news: your Room & Dining rate automatically includes a meal plan that can be used at any of the multiple dining locations on campus! Once you move in, your meal plan will be automatically added to your student ID for use. The first-year resident dining plan includes unlimited meals per week at Pittman, 5 guest meals to be used at Pittman, 5 meal exchanges per week to be used at any retail location + $175 in Declining Balance (aka Cosmo Cash) to be used at all dining locations any day of week. For more information on plans, visit

  • We know it can be hard to send your loved one off into a new life season, but we’re glad you’re preparing well to support your future Lion! The best first step is to attend Lion Life with your student. During this day on campus, you can learn all about how our MHU community is prepared to assist new students in the transition to college life. You can also meet with a Residence Life staff member while you’re visiting if you have any specific questions about on-campus housing.
  • When your student is completing the housing application, you can be an advisor and help them decide on which hall—and roommate, if they didn’t pre-connect with another student—might be the best fit for her/him. You can also encourage your future Lion if they don’t get to pick their top choice of residence hall; students who don’t have their top choice of room usually end up happily surprised about their living experience! You can help your student remain optimistic as he/she adjusts expectations.
  • On move-in day, if you’re helping your student move in, we hope you’ll remind him/her to review move-in instructions (these will be emailed to your student ahead of time) before the big day to reduce nervousness and contact Residence Life if she/he has any questions about the process. We also encourage you to bring water and a snack or two to keep energy and spirits up—we all know how tiring moving can be!
  • Once the semester begins, you will be able to receive routine email updates about what’s happening on campus from our awesome Marketing & Communications team.
  • It’s great when a new Lion can receive some encouragement to connect with others on campus; if you hear about a club, event, or opportunity that your student might like, challenge them to get engaged. We promise to do our best to get your student engaged, too!

All accommodations, whether for the classroom or your residence hall room, are reviewed by our Accessibility Coordinator, Judith Harris. You can find more information about requesting Housing and Foodservice Accommodations here, including the form to begin your request process. Please note: all accommodations are for one academic year only, so be sure to renew your accommodation, if applicable, with Accessibility Services each spring to ensure we can best support you in your living experience!

Because of our high percentage of student-athletes living on campus, and considering both the unique capacities of our residence halls and NCAA policy, we do not maintain any athlete-specific housing at MHU. We do offer residents to self-identify as preferring to live with fellow athletes during the housing application process, though! Most athletic coaches on campus prefer to have student-athletes within the same team live together, so we work closely with Athletics to ensure these residents have the best information on navigating the roommate connection section of the Res Life Portal.

We've partnered with Dormify to provide an easy, affordable way to purchase Twin XL bedding, room storage solutions, and everything else you might need (and want) for your new home away from home. Please visit to get move-in day ready and create your dream residence hall room. If you order from during the month of August or January, you can ship your items to the MHU Mailroom and we will hold them for you until you arrive!
In addition, Cosmo's Kitchen & Closet (CKC) is a free store on campus; you can source many items that you may need for your time on campus from here! Contact the Residence Life team for more information about CKC.

Our MHU Mailroom is located on the first floor of Wren Student Union and every resident living on campus is assigned a mailbox for letter mail use. More information about the Mailroom is provided during move-in, but for specific mail questions please email