Tuition and Fees (2017-2018)

More than 95% of Mars Hill University students receive Financial Aid. Our Financial Aid Award Packages make a Mars Hill University education an affordable option, with costs often comparable to, and sometimes less than, attending a public university.   

Tuition per semester (12-20 hours) $14,118
Fees per semester $1,784
Full year tuition and fees $31,804

Typical yearly cost: $41,104*

*This figure is based on tuition, fees, required textbooks, and room & board in standard housing.

Part-time tuition (less than 12 hours) $1,003/hour
Part-time fees (less than 12 hours) $151/hour

 Room and Board

Charges are displayed per semester:

Residence Hall and Meal Plan Double Single Private
Standard: Gibson, Jarvis House, Myers, Huffman, Fox $4,650 $5,450 $6,250
Premium: Azalea, Bailey Mountain Apartments, Brown, Dogwood, Laurel, Turner, Dickson-Palmer Apartments $5,350 $6,325 $7,300

Sub-Tier (private rooms only): Edna Moore, Stroup

N/A N/A $5,650

Included in these charges are the board plan which includes three options:
Unlimited - unlimited access to the cafeteria during operating hours, $175 in bonus bucks, 5 lunch meal conversions per week.
Gold - 14 meals per week in the cafeteria and $325 in bonus bucks.
Blue - 10 meals per week in the cafeteria and $400 in bonus bucks.
Freshmen are required to have the Unlimited plan.

A commuter meal plan is available only for those students living off campus. Cost per semester: $1,450. Choice of Gold or Blue Plans.

Other Fees

Parking Fee (non-refundable) $175
Student Clinical Nursing Fee $500
Applied Music Fee (per credit hour) $700
Accompanist Fee $320
Auditing a Course $250
Credit by Exam (per credit hour) $250
Dual Enrollment (per course) $375
Overload Fee (per credit hour over 20, excluding AMU) $850
Housing Cancellation Fee $350
Returned Check Fee $50