Writing Center

director: Virginia Bower

assistant director: Felice Lopez Bell

Location: Renfro 133 (schedule)

The Mars Hill University Writing Center, located in Renfro Library, room 133, offers free writing tutoring for all MHU students. Writers are encouraged to make an appointment, but drop-in visits are welcome, time permitting.

Writing Center tutors are trained to provide assistance at all stages of the writing process, from prewriting to revising final drafts, and they work with writers in all disciplines. Whether you're working on that first essay for freshman English, tweaking a major research paper, or polishing your résumé for a job application, the tutors in the Writing Center can help you become a better writer.

Who We Are

Wc Tutors 2015 Spring

The Writing Center is staffed by trained peer tutors, students with strong writing skills and a desire to help others. To become a peer tutor, students must have successfully completed English 111 and 112 (or 113); additionally, tutors must enroll in a one-credit- hour course, ENG262-Peer Collaboration in Writing.

Writing Cente Tutors 20140818 0018Ms. Virginia Bower
Writing Center Director & Associate Professor of English

As an associate professor in the Department of Language and Literature, I teach all levels of writing at MHU; in addition, I direct the college Writing Center, located in Renfro Library. As director of our Center, I supervise, train, and work with peer tutors in order to help them provide the best quality tutoring for MHU students. I oversee, as well, the college's campus-wide writing program which consists of writing-intensive courses that are paired with Writing Fellows, or classroom-based peer tutors. I love writing, and I love passing on this enthusiasm to students, especially those who are forever challenged by the craft of writing. In addition to being a teacher, I consider myself a lifelong learner; I've taken classes in Italian, landscaping, micro-economics, memoir writing, and Indian cooking. I hope that all students will take advantage of the support provided by the Writing Center to help them improve their writing, their grades, and their overall academic performance.


Writing Cente Tutors 20140818 0016Mrs. Felice Lopez Bell
Writing Center assistant director and instructor of English

I have been teaching English courses at Mars Hill since 2008. I received my bachelor's degree from the College of Charleston and my master's degree in fiction (MFA) at the University of Florida. I teach composition classes, creative writing classes, and business writing classes, and an occasional literature class. During fall 2015, I'll teach my first FYS 111 class, and the theme is graphic literature. I am the faculty adviser for the Cadenza Literary Magazine. In addition to working with the students here at MHU, I also coach and play soccer in Asheville.


Our tutors....


Writing Cente Tutors 20140818 0007 Victoria Barrett
I am from Newport, TN. I am in my second year at Mars Hill, and my major is psychology. I am on the golf team.


Abigail BiskachAbigail Biskach

Hi! I'm Abigail Biskach, and I am from Hurlock, Maryland. I am a sophomore and a zoology major. This is my second semester as a Writing Center tutor, and I am also a Writing Fellow. My favorite things are traveling and animals.


Samantha BurnsSamantha Burns

Hello! I am Samantha Burns. I am an English Major, and I enjoy reading and writing. I am a member of the Track and Field team, and also a Student Ambassador. I hope to see you around, and especially hope to see you in the Writing Center!


Gabriella DubovoyGabriella Dubovoy

Hello, my name is Gabriella Dubovoy and I am a sophomore here at Mars Hill. I am originally from St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, but I have lived in Maryland for the past seven years. As of right now I am planning on getting a major in international studies with a minor in both Spanish and history. I have always enjoyed writing so I am excited to be able to have the chance to work with you!


Danielle01Danielle Dunn

Hi! I'm Danielle, I'm a Sophomore majoring in Political Science and Physical Education. I'm on the Cross Country team and I'm in the Honor's Program. I'm from Elkin, North Carolina which is only 30 minutes from Mount Airy, (Mayberry), where the Andy Griffith Show took place!


Jordon EdwardsJordon Edwards

Hello, my name is Jordon Edwards and I am a sophomore at Mars Hill University. I am majoring in Political Science with a minor in Business Administration. I am a sister of Delta Zeta and an active member of College Republicans. I have always enjoyed writing and working in the writing center is my favorite on campus job! If you ever need any help in any stage of the writing process come by and see me. I would be glad to help!


Jordan EfirdJordan Efird

Hi Everyone! My name is Jordan Efird, and I'm a Sophomore at MHU. I am a Social Work Major with minors in English and Women's Studies. I am also a member of our on campus National Women's Music Fraternity, Sigma Alpha Iota. I am an active member in College Choir and Women's Choir. In my spare time I enjoy reading fiction. I look forward to seeing you all in the center!


Garrett FarrimondGarrett Farrimond

I'm Garrett Farrimond and am currently a sophomore here at Mars Hill University. I'm studying Biology with a minor in Pre-Med. Along with being a Writing Tutor I am also a WID Fellow, a RA and a current member of the Cross Country and Track & Field teams. In my spare time I love to read, listen to music and spend time with close friends. I'm Garrett Farrimond and am currently a sophomore here at Mars Hill University. I'm studying Biology with a minor in Pre-Med. Along with being a Writing Tutor I am also a WID Fellow, an RA and a current member of the Cross Country and Track & Field teams. In my spare time I love to read, listen to music and spend time with close friends.


Erin FranceyErin Francey
Hello, my name is Erin Francey, and I am from Denver, North Carolina. I am a junior this year. I am majoring in Zoology with a minor in English and I hope to add a creative writing minor soon. This is my second year working in the Writing center and my second semester working as a Writing in the Disciplines Fellow. I look forward to seeing you in the writing center!


Angelica FreemanAngelica Freeman

Hey! My name is Angelica Freeman. I am from Southern Maryland. I am a Sophomore and am double majoring in Psychology and Biology with a minor in the Honors Program. This is my second semester working in the Writing Center. I can't wait to see you!


Jade HenkeJade Henke

My name is Jade Henke, I am from Perth, Australia and I am currently a Junior here at MHU. I also play on the tennis team here. I am majoring in Physical Education and minoring in Criminal Justice. As well as a Writing Centre tutor I am also a First Year Mentor and Writing Fellow. I am excited to work and offer all my help to the Writing Centre this year.


Ashleigh Jones2Ashleigh Jones

I grew up in Morehead City, North Carolina. I'm an English major with a concentration in Creative Writing and a minor in Biology. I'm a Sophomore and I enjoy writing short stories and poetry.


Amanda KingAmanda King

My name is Amanda King. I am from Valley Stream, New York. This is my third year here at Mars Hill University. Along with the Writing center, I am also a part of the Campus Activities Board, a Student Support Services Tutor and a Resident Assistant. I am a double major in art therapy and psychology, with a minor in art. In my own time I like to paint and go on adventures.


Janie ParkerJanie Parker
Hi, my name is Janie and I'm a writing tutor and writing fellow here at MHU. I am originally from south Florida but I have lived in the Weaverville/Asheville area almost all of my life. I'm currently a junior majoring in English and minoring in Art Studio. Writing is something I've always enjoyed and I hope to be able to use my skills to assist anyone who may need help in any of their writing endeavors.


Hannah SpurlinHannah Spurlin
Hello, my name is Hannah Spurlin. I'm from Greensboro, North Carolina. I am a sophomore and a Business Administration major. I enjoy shopping, blogging, and traveling. Hope to see you at the Writing Center!

Writing Cente Tutors 20140818 0008 Ciara Warren
Hello! My name is Ciara, and I am a senior here at Mars Hill University. I am currently an English major, with a double minor in Spanish and Business. I truly cannot wait to contribute to the Writing Center.


What Students and Faculty Should Know about the MHU Writing Center:

Tutoring sessions are limited to 45 minutes maximum. If your assignment requires more time, please make an additional appointment for later in the week. Also, we have a 10-page maximum restriction on all assignments. These parameters help to encourage students seeking writing assistance to be actively engaged in the tutoring experience.

Appointments Available

Feel free to stop by the Writing Center to make an appointment for a tutoring session. While appointments are not necessary (and drop-ins are welcome), an appointment will assure you the time you need with a tutor. Appointments can only be made AT THE WRITING CENTER!!

What We Do...and Don't Do...

Peer tutors in the Mars Hill University Writing Center WILL...

  • assist with writing assignments at any stage of the writing process
  • provide kind, considerate, and professional tutoring
  • help writers develop a clear sense of "the next step" for writing assignments once they leave the Center
  • tutor up to 10 pages of text per 45-minute session
  • complete a tutoring report for each student who receives help from a tutor in the Writing Center

Peer tutors in the Mars Hill University Writing Center WON'T...

  • write papers for students
  • correct written work (tutors work with students to find problems and to eliminate them)
  • give students topics (that's up to students and/or their professors)
  • guarantee an "A" for having visited the center (students who seek help with writing assignments at the Writing Center will most assuredly improve in their writing, which is the main goal of the center)
  • work on assignments that are longer than 10 pages (if your assignment is longer, you must return for a separate tutoring session for each 10 pages)