Frequently Asked Questions



I just had a sports physical for my high school; can I use that for my college physical?

The Mars Hill College form is required. If your doctor is willing, he can complete the college form and sign and date it as of the date of the actual physical. The physical assessment MUST BE WITHIN ONE YEAR OF STARTING COLLEGE. For example, you had a physical July 13, 2013 to participate in fall sports at your high school, but you are not going to be starting at Mars Hill University until August 22, 2014. You will be required to get a NEW physical.

I am a transfer student and will be starting as a junior here at Mars Hill University. Can I use the physical I had at my previous college?

You are still required to complete all portions of the Mars Hill University physical form and sign the statement that authorizes permission to treat. You can attach your previous physical form IF it meets the Mars Hill University requirements including the lab studies. Again, the assessment must be within one year of starting at Mars Hill University.

Can I bring my physical form with me to orientation?

Physical forms and immunization records are welcome during SOAR (summer orientation advising and registration), but are required prior to First Year Orientation in August so that they can be reviewed to insure they are complete. You cannot participate in First Year Orientation or with your organization (if you are to arrive early to campus) without your approved immunizations and a completed physical form. Many students who bring their forms with them have missing information, and this delays participation in orientation. STUDENTS MAY NOT MOVE INTO DORMITORY WITHOUT A COMPLETED PHYSICAL.

What is required for the physical assessment?

In addition to the head to toe systems assessment and doctor statements (questions at the bottom of the physical exam form); you need a urinalysis, and hemoglobin or hematocrit. Make sure all blanks are filled in.

What immunizations are required?

North Carolina has laws regarding immunization requirements that ALL colleges must adhere to. Depending on your age at the time of enrollment, you may be required to show proof of polio series, DTP (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis) series of 3 shots(vaccine history), a Td (tetanus diphtheria) OR Tdap booster at least one of those must have been given within the last 10 years, and a single MMR dose plus an additional measles vaccination and an additional mumps vaccination (two MMR satisfy this requirement). If you were born after June of 1994 you will also have to prove your series of 3 Hepatitis B vaccines. You are also required to have a TB (tuberculosis) skin test with a documented negative result.

Are there any other immunization requirements?

Mars Hill University does not require students to have any more immunizations than is required by state law. However, the Wellness Center recommends the Hepatitis A and B series, the meningococcal vaccine (Menactra), the Varicella vaccine (if you have never had the chicken pox), and Gardasil vaccine in accordance to the American College Health Association and the CDC (Center for Disease Control) recommendations. You may be able to obtain these vaccines through your local health department free of charge if you are under 19 years of age. Students diagnosed with infectious diseases will be asked to go home or make other living arrangements to ensure a safe environment for the rest of the student body.

What if I can’t find my immunization records?

Mars Hill University must meet North Carolina immunization guidelines for each student by law. Contact your high school, local health department, ask a parent or guardian, contact any previously attended colleges, or call your doctor. If the doctor you saw as a child is no longer in practice, call the office to inquire if the records are in storage or archived. If you still cannot find any records, you will be required to start a new series of immunizations to meet these requirements.

Can I get any of my immunizations or the required lab work done at the Mars Hill University Wellness Center?

The Madison County Health Department will be holding an immunization clinic at the college infirmary during First Year Orientation in August. Through the health department, the MMR and Td Booster will be offered free of charge. They will offer the TB skin test at a cost of $10.00 payable to the health department. A urinalysis and hemoglobin can be completed at the Infirmary at a cost of $5.00 per test. The infirmary does not file insurance; all costs for services at the infirmary are on a cash basis and payment is expected at that time. Early and late arrivals will be required to obtain immunizations and the TB test by going to the health department or local clinic.


What services are available at the Wellness Center?

A registered nurse is available to assess the needs of sick and injured students Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. (closed for lunch and meetings). The nurse may refer the student to the local medical center or suggest an emergency room visit. Mars Hill University contracts with the Hot Springs Health Program to provide physician, P.A. (physician assistant), or FNP (family nurse practitioner) assessment at the infirmary Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. at no cost to the student. There is a minimal charge for certain lab work and supplies offered through the Infirmary. Treatment is administered according to standing orders dictated by our Physician Medical Director. Over the counter medication samples are given to students to assist with the initial bout of illness. It is recommended that students arrive to campus with a homemade first aid kit that includes medication and supplies. This should be checked periodically to replace frequently used supplies.

What if I get sick or injured and the Wellness Center is closed?

The Mars Hill Medical Center is open from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 1:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. on Sunday. Mission Health System is located in Asheville.

What about transportation for follow-up assessment, after hours illnesses or emergencies?

MHU does not provide transportation for students as a general rule for liability purposes. It is recommended that students have a “buddy system” in place in the event they need transportation to an appointment. For on campus emergencies only, campus security should be notified by dialing ext. 1230 so they can activate EMS if needed. Off campus emergencies need to activate EMS directly by dialing 911. All illnesses and injuries should be reported to the Infirmary as soon as possible to insure health care needs are met in the event of recurrence or complications.

Will the Wellness Center offer the flu or meningitis vaccine?

Each fall the infirmary will sponsor a health fair on campus. Vaccines will be offered through the Madison County Health Department. Students interested in the meningococcal vaccine must sign up and pay for this in advance due to the high cost of this vaccine. The flu shot should be paid for by the student at the time it is received.

Does the university have a plan to deal with pandemic flu?

Yes. Click here to view the MHU pandemic flu plan and related information.