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The latest issue of the Mars Hill University magazine is available digitally! In this issue, learn more about how MHU responded to COVID-19 and read a student reflection on how students are experiencing the current movement for equality. You will also learn more about the Memories Collection and efforts in preserving the Mars Hill story.

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Extra Content for Spring 2021 issue: 

Memories Collection (PDF) – Charity Ray: Reflecting on Changes (reprint from 2009)

Memories Collection (PDF) – Harley Jolley: Memories of a Jolley Good Life (reprint from 2015)

Student Reflection – Sleep Can Be a Dangerous Game
We strive to bring the student perspective to each magazine to keep alumni connected with the current atmosphere and happenings on campus and to showcase our students writing skills. This spring, we asked Professor Felice Lopez-Bell to identify some of the top submissions from her narrative journalism class for consideration to be published in our magazine. You can read Kiana Tuckett’s piece in the printed magazine. Student Hannah Jarvis also did an outstanding job authoring an insightful piece showcasing her commitment to bettering medical care following outpatient procedures. You can read her piece here.