Alumni Board

The purpose of this board shall be to promote the general welfare and effectiveness of Mars Hill University by preserving and furthering the mission of MHU; maintaining and strengthening connections with alumni; serving as alumni representatives to the university administration and trustees; and encouraging and promoting alumni participation in MHU activities.

President: Kellye Smith Ratcliff '86
Vice President:
Julian Cuthbertson '08
Hal Messick '88

Ex Officio Members

President: Jim Alexander '66
Vice President: William "Skip" Myers '81
Secretary: Kellie Shirley '88
Director of Alumni Relations: Jaime McKee '00

Term Expires 2017Carter Benge '14
Janis Elam Blackwell '68
Greta Byrd '88
Louis Cox '67
Sally Greenstock '74
Hal Messick '88
Amanda Orders '04
Lillian Rhudy '61Bernard Steadman '87Eddie Waddell '87
Kim Waddell Wilson '98

Term Expires 2016

Alex Ashton '05
Maxine Brown '98
Brian Danforth '06
Tara Hornick '99
Wayne King '79
Denisha Kirk '04
Susan Liles '71
Malcolm Privette '67
Kellie Shirley '88
McKelle Ulm '02

Term Expires 2015
Ann McKay Bennett ’81
Julian Cuthbertson ’08
Bobby Dean Franklin '67
Selena Hilemon '01
Derek Hodges '04
William “Skip” Myers ’81
Kellye Smith Ratcliff '86
Davey Ward ’48
Jo Pittard Ward ’50