Audition Information/Registration

Auditions occur in October at one of the following locations.

Audition Locations/Dates/Times

St. Stephens HS (Hickory ) October 2 400P-630P

Grant Logan

Zone Coordinator


TC Roberson HS (Asheville) October 9 330P-630P

Aleisa Baker

Zone Coordinator


Northwest School of the Arts (Charlotte) October 10 900A-1200P

Aaron Lafreniere

Zone Coordinator


Central Cabarrus HS (Concord ) October 10 300P-500P

Ethan Price

Zone Coordinator


South Point HS (Belmont ) October 11 4P-630P

Melissa Glover

Zone Coordinator


Mount Tabor HS (Winston Salem) October 12 930A-100P

Ross Broadway

Zone Coordinator


Weaver Academy (Greensboro) October 12 430P-700P

Donna Brotherton

Zone Coordinator

Audition Procedures:

1. Each student auditioning must complete the audition registration form. The deadline for completing the form is September 22, 2023 at 11:59PM. Students must attend auditions with their teacher/school. Thus, when selecting a preferred audition time, this is by school, not by student.

2. Each school will be allowed up to ten student auditions. You may bring up to four (4) students of any voice part (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, & Bass), not to exceed ten (10) students total from your school. To clarify divisi, for example, both soprano 1 & 2 together would count toward your four soprano maximum. You may not audition four Soprano 1s and four Soprano 2s.

3. The audition selection is René Clausen’s “O, My Luve’s Like a Red, Red Rose.”

The specific excerpts are:

Soprano and Alto m61-m78

Tenor and Bass m25-m42

Students may use music during the audition.

4.  Audition accompaniment tracks may be accessed below.  All students must audition with the audition accompaniment track.  The track will be provided by the judge at the audition site.

Download Instructions

To download the tracks, click on the following options below. Click the kebab menu on your right (three dots).  A download option will be available in the menu. Select Download.