Funding Scholarships

Each year, over 225 named scholarships are awarded to Mars Hill students. Without such assistance, many of our students would be unable to pursue a Mars Hill education. Scholarships can be named in honor or memory of a beloved family member or friend (perhaps a special MHU professor) and are created with unique selection criteria. Named scholarships can be funded in two ways:

Annually Funded Scholarships
Funded on an annual basis. Requires minimum of $2,500.
Award is based on the specific amount donated. Award is typically made in the year following gift, though donor can request award be made when given, provided the gift is made early in the academic year. 

Endowed Scholarships
Are perpetual
Corpus (principal) is preserved
Requires minimum $20,000 investment, which can be funded over a five-year period.
Awards will be made as a percentage of investment income, based on the corpus amount, as set by the Board of Trustees. This amount is currently 5%.
For further information on establishing scholarships contact the Institutional Advancement Office at (828) 689-1102.