Ethan Mannon
Associate Professor of English
Honors Program Director
Department: Appalachian Studies, English, Ramsey Center
Office:  Cornwell 306
P.O. Box:  6723
Phone:  (828) 689-1189

Hello! Nice to meet you. I’m  Dr. Ethan Mannon—an Associate Professor of English at Mars Hill University, where I also work with the Appalachian Studies Program. In case you are wondering, that “Dr.” means that I’ve earned a Ph.D. in English (from Penn State), and the “Associate Professor” part means that I haven’t been Professing for that long: I’ve been at Mars Hill since 2015.

And what is it that a Professor of English does? Well, for starters, I teach several courses each semester—some in composition and some in American Literature, including Appalachian Literature. More specific information on my teaching is available here.

I also work with students in other ways. I serve as an advisor who helps students select courses, plan their path through college, and prepare for what comes after their undergraduate education. During the spring of 2018, my work with students became quite literal when I co-taught a course for Honors Students and we created a Heritage Garden on the Mars Hill campus. The picture of me in a flannel shirt and tool belt was taken on one of our garden workdays.

I also do some writing. Called “literary criticism,” I study works of literature in order to understand (and teach) them better, as well as to see how they might matter to us today. My specialty is ecocriticism—a field that focuses on the relationship between humans and the rest of the stuff on the planet (plants, animals, fungi, soils, water, etc.). When I have something to say that I think would interest others, I try to either present my idea at a conference, or publish it. A list of these presentations and publications can be found on my website.

Finally, if you’d like to contact me or ask a question, email me at