Political Science Alumni Stories – Ashley Davis

I came into Mars Hill University as a first generation student with no real direction or guidance in what I was doing. Within my first week I met Dr. Heather Hawn and was immediately greeted with open arms into the political science program. I was introduced to other students in the program, shown around campus, and set up with everything I would need for the semester.

Ashley on right, with a woman and man who also are part of the leadership group.During my time at MHU we had to take on a internship to graduate, I chose to work with the Mars Hill Democrats as I knew my interests were in better understanding local politics. From my internship I made a lot of new connections which eventually lead to me working with the Coordinated Campaign as a field organizer. During this time I learned more about local policies, state policies, and how to better run a campaign overall. After my work with Coordinated I ran for an elected position in Madison County and now I work as the second vice chair for Madison County Democrats, helping to train and educate democrats in the county on how to use different resources such as the board of elections and vote builder.

Had it not been for the time I spent at Mars Hill University I would have never had the opportunity to make the connections that I have. The support and guidance I was shown during my time here is really what made the difference in my ability to graduate and find a field I was passionate about post graduation.

Ashley Davis