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Political Science Alumni Stories – Brendon Cyprianos

Brendan in the middle between Dr. Rose and Dr. Hawn at graduation.What brought me to Mars Hill was athletics and I originally came in with a single minded approach of studying business. I was a part of the Mars Hill University swimming team and I ended up graduating with a double major in business administration and political science. I hadn’t initially had any interest in studying anything else besides business, but after taking an elective class in my freshman year which was an introductory political science class, I made the decision to add a major.

Dr. Hawn is hands-down the best professor/teacher I’ve ever had in my life! I found a passion in something I never knew I’d ever be passionate about. My mind was opened up by studying political science; not only did I learn more about the world and the American political system, which I was completely oblivious of prior, I learnt critical thinking and analysis that I use up until this day.

Not only was Dr. Hawn an amazing professor but just a genuinely great person. She was actively involved in me getting a job after graduation, which is something I’ll always be extremely grateful for especially since I was an international student. Currently I am in Washington, DC, and I run a 3/4 of a million dollar marketing company which represents Fortune 100 clients, and a lot of the success I’ve achieved as an entrepreneur is attached to what I learnt in political science from Dr. Hawn. I manage about 30+ representatives from all different parts of the world, from the Middle East to South America. I have a unique ability to relate to everyone from all walks of life just from what I learnt from my political science major I received from Mars Hill University.

I really appreciate everything I learnt from Mars Hill as an organization but words can’t really explain my appreciation for Dr. Hawn! Highly, highly recommend!

Brendon Cyprianos
CEO of NoeCee Global