Update from President Floyd May 29, 2020

Dear Campus Community,

Summer classes and summer renovation projects have started, our recruiting of new students is going well, registration of our existing students has been going well, and planning for the fall is in high gear. Normally, this is a stressful but upbeat month as we usually take a deep breath and then return to hard work to make things better over the summer.

We are not in normal times. Our academic leaders and staff are devoting many hours to planning for reopening the campus in an uncertain environment. They are receiving expert advice and guidance. Many on our campus feel uncertainty and anxiety. The events of this week have unnerved us as we see incredible COVID-19 statistics and watch videos of unspeakable acts happening in our own country. The news of the week has hit close to many in our community. Many of you know people impacted by COVID-19 through job losses, sickness, isolation, and many in our community have been deeply distressed by overt racism and an act of violence in our country which has taken another life senselessly. The act strikes deeply into the heart of the institution as we know our students, who are not here with us, and many who work here, are deeply impacted, scared, angry, and bewildered.

It has been my  hope that my weekly newsletter would be something that you would look forward to as we see positive things happening on our campus, celebrate those who are shining, and celebrate our students. But this week is different. Despite all of this, I want you to have hope. Many of our students are speaking out. Many of our students are telling me that they are determined to make a difference in our world. We have nurses that are preparing for the front lines. We have political science students volunteering in campaigns, preparing for law school, and being role models for other young people with service. We had nearly 400 students make the dean’s list and show to us that they are serious about school. We have alumni all over our country working in nonprofits, coaching sports teams, teaching music, teaching reading, serving as social workers, and giving back to their communities.

You cannot get discouraged. We are going to find a way through this period. We are going to do everything within our power to help these young people go out and make this crazy world better. I believe that with all my heart.  MHU must continue to give our students hope, strength, wisdom, and knowledge. I believe in them and I believe in you. So, as you digest the news, as you even redouble your own efforts to change our world, know that we are stronger than the forces and headwinds we face. We can do this. I am proud of our students and I am proud of our team that is devoting their lives to making the world better. The world needs us and it really needs our students.