Summer Campus Improvements

It’s a busy summer on campus, and much of the activity is due to your generous support. Here are just a few of the major construction and renovation projects happening now:

Softball field – Completely renovating the playing surface of Ponder Field.
Fox Residence Hall – Installing new windows on the rear of the building.
Dickson-Palmer Unit C Apartments – Replacing outside deck areas and the roof.
Owen Theatre – Repairing and repainting the left and right vestibules.

“I see the impact that the Mars Hill Fund makes on student’s lives daily,” says Jimmy Knight, director of the Mars Hill Fund. For many students the Mars Hill experience wouldn’t be possible without the scholarship assistance available through the Mars Hill Fund, Knight says. And the campus improvements it funds help them feel at home and appreciated as Mars Hill students.

“I see the arc of their transformation from first-year students searching for a path into young adults who are equipped for the real world of work and continual learning,” he says. “I hear their optimism about being the agents of change in the world we all hope and pray to see.”

The Mars Hill Fund sometimes is viewed as a generic “general fund.” But Knight says that’s not at all the case. “It’s a valuable financial tool that is used every day to improve the lives of students on our campus. In my opinion, there is no better way to nourish the legacy of Mars Hill University than by investing in our ‘future alumni’ by giving to the Mars Hill Fund.”