Residence Hall Check Out Procedures for Spring 2020

**IF you have already moved/checked out please disregard your email**

Greetings Mars Hill Lions,

We hope that you all are staying safe, healthy and are succeeding in your classes.  We understand that the last few weeks may have been stressful and/or difficult as we navigate this time of uncertainty.  We want to personally say THANK YOU for your flexibility during this transitional period as we work to keep you all safe. In an effort to assist residents with moving out of their residence hall/apartment with ease, Housing and Residence Life has implemented an online Check Out Sign Up and Express Check Out Process. (You will not be checking out with an RA, Area Coordinator, or HRL Staff Member).

  1. Residents will be permitted to return to campus May 1st-8th (Friday-Friday) to pack and check out of their residence hall or apartment.
  2. Residents will have 3 hours to pack and properly check out.
  3. There will be designated times, 9am-12pm, 1pm-5pm and 5pm-8pm, for check out and residents will self-select check out time.
    • Resident are NOT permitted to stay overnight on campus so please choose a time that allows for you to travel after moving out. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.
  4. To select a check out time, please click on the specific link below for your residence hall to select a check out time.
  5. Residents are only permitted to choose one check out date and time. Please write down your date and time for your records.
  6. In order to assist in the safety of residents and those helping to move out, there will be a limit to the number of people that can check out per time block.
  7. Each resident is only permitted to bring 2-3 additional people to assist with their move out process.
  8. It is important that you honor your selected check out time. The times and dates are set-up to help with the practice of social distancing as we continue to navigate these unprecedented times.

Check Out Sign Up Links

 Gibson Hall:

Laurel Hall:

Brown Hall:

Turner Hall:

Myers Hall:

Dickson Palmer Apartments:

Azalea Townhouses:

Dogwood Hall:

Fox Hall:

Huffman Hall:

Edna Moore Hall:

Jarvis House:

Lunsford Hall:

  1. All check outs will be express check outs. In order to complete your express check out the following needs to happen:
  • You need to pick up an express check out key envelope from your residential hall’s lobby or your apartment common area for Azalea and Dickson-Palmer Apartments. Key envelopes will be labeled with your last name and room number.
  • You need to remove all of your personal belongings from your residential space. If you are in a double space, please communicate with your roommate before taking shared items.
  • You need to remove all food and trash from your residential space. This needs to be disposed of in the dumpster at your residential facility.
  • You need to clean your residential space.
  • Residents will be charged for not returning keys, excessive uncleanliness and damages.
  • At the completion of removing personal belongings, removal of trash, and cleaning your residential space you need to place your room key in the check-out envelope.
  • Drop off your express check out key envelope to the Mail Room on the 1st floor of the Wren Student Union. Please take this time to also check your mailbox for any mail you may have received.
  • If you are a graduating senior or non-returner please turn in your mail box key along with your room key. If you are not a graduating senior or non-returner please keep your mail box key because you will use it again in the fall.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach us at