9/16 Campus Update from Dr. Parkinson and Dr. Rozeboom

Good afternoon,

We want to update you on our COVID-19 response.  We learned this morning that we now have two confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 in our campus community. Both individuals are in isolation, and we will continue to follow the protocol that has been established by the university’s response team regarding contact tracing and quarantine/isolation. This is not an unexpected event as we have watched and learned a lot from other schools over the last thirty days.  While we will not necessarily make an announcement for each instance, we did want to make our community aware of our first cases and to offer the following reminders and updates.

  • In order to keep our community well-informed, we will begin updating the COVID-19 dashboard 3 times per week, at approximately 5pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • Please be reminded that, in cooperation with local health authorities, contact tracing will notify and advise anyone determined to have been a close contact as defined by the CDC.
  • The university’s response team continues to meet daily to review a protocol for each individual identified as a confirmed/possible case or as a close contact.

We know that some positive cases are inevitable, but, with your continued cooperation and support we can be among the institutions that successfully maintain a campus that is as healthy and safe as possible.  Everyone’s continued attention to expectations for monitoring yourself through our app, social distancing, and facial coverings can make a significant difference, especially in limiting close contacts.

For reference, the mask policy can be found on the Return to Campus page and the university dashboard can be found by navigating from the Return to Campus page or by going directly HERE.

Tracy Parkinson
Dave Rozeboom