AGS classes meet at the Glen Raven Custom Fabrics Burnsville Plant.  The partnership between Mars Hill and Glen Raven is very strong and the history between us benefits both campus and community.

AGS and Glen Raven

Mitzi Layell, Glen Raven Human Resources and Safety Manager, shares the story of the wonderful partnership between Mars Hill University and Glen Raven Custom Fabrics in Burnsville.

“There is a long-standing relationship between Glen Raven and Mars Hill which began in the mid-1980s. The Gant family, who owns Glen Raven, Inc., made the generous offer to pay tuition and book fees for any full-time associate who was interested in obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Business through the Adult Education program at then Mars Hill College. They also offered their conference rooms for class space. Many people thought it was a crazy idea. They thought that the company would lose valuable, educated associates to other businesses. But the Gants have always been forward-thinking decision makers who have kept an eye to the future while successfully managing the day-to-day business at hand. They believed then and still do today, that even if some associates leave Glen Raven’s employment after graduating from Mars Hill, the education they received will improve the quality of life and the earning ability of that associate which in turn will contribute to the community at large.
Many of our top managers and supervisory associates have already completed their degrees and we have several more associates who are in the process of attaining that goal. We have had at least 35 graduates since the program began. I completed my degree and walked the Mars Hill stage to receive my diploma on May 10, 2008. I can assure you that there was not a happier student in the graduation ceremony that day than this non-traditional adult learner. My son was attending another university and he graduated the same day. Mother and son watched each other cross a stage and accept a diploma. Not many folks can tell that story! I am very thankful that Glen Raven paid for my education and then put that education to use by allowing me to contribute to the vision of the corporation in a management capacity. My career was greatly enhanced due to the great relationship that Glen Raven has with Mars Hill University”. —