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Political Science Alumni Stories – Cameron Worley

Cameron WorleyGrowing up in Western North Carolina as a first-generation college student, I sought a college experience that would not only provide a comprehensive education but also a meaningful experience. I found precisely what I was looking for at Mars Hill University.

During my freshman year, I realized that my initial major was not the ideal fit for me. I began searching for a path that would bring me joy and enable me to express myself and grow. Upon discovering Political Science, I found both fulfillment in my education and in life.

I had the honor and privilege of attending Mars Hill on the Bonner Foundation Scholarship, a service-based program with pillars in social activism and social justice. I truly was provided the best opportunity to prosper from the benefits of the Bonner Scholarship and the overlapping fundamentals of the Political Science program.

Throughout my time at Mars Hill, I was fortunate to learn from two exceptional professors—Dr. Heather Hawn and Dr. Jonathan Rose. These two educators taught me far beyond the curriculum and challenged me to reach my full potential.

I graduated in the summer of 2021, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a minor in Community Engagement. Presently, I work for a local government organization where I utilize the knowledge and skills gained from the Political Science and Bonner programs to advocate for youth in the Child Welfare System. I aspire to pursue further education soon and continue to push myself to fight for those who cannot advocate for themselves, just as I was taught to do in the Political Science program at Mars Hill University.

-Cameron Worley