Vaccine Clinic Info
Vaccine Clinic Info
Vaccine Clinic Info
Vaccine Clinic Info

Another COVID Vaccine Clinic will be held soon for MHU Students and Employees. You can pre-register now to receive your vaccination.

If you are interested in receiving the Johnson & Johnson one shot vaccine, pre-registration can be done by completing the COVID-19 Vaccine Screening Form. Return the completed form, along with a copy of your insurance card, to

Once a date and time for the clinic is confirmed, a member with the Student Health Center will contact you with your appointment information.

Contact the Student Health Center 828-689-1383,, or with any questions.

Mask Policy

For Employees

  • Wearing a mask is required anywhere on campus where more than one person is present.
  • Employees must have a face mask readily available and on their person at all times, allowing one to quickly put on a face mask when encountering others.
  • If workspaces are closer than 6 feet, appropriate for social distancing, the work place must be reconfigured to allow 6 feet of social distancing, or masks must be worn at all times.
  • In common office areas such as restrooms, breakrooms, copy rooms, etc., masks must be worn at all times.

Face Coverings for Presenters in a Classroom Setting

  • Cloth Face Coverings Instructors should wear cloth face coverings in all instances in which social distancing of 6 feet cannot be maintained.
  • Face Shields Face shields are generally not acceptable as a replacement for face coverings in current Mars Hill policy. Face shields are appropriate for presenters/speakers to use in a teaching situation in which social distance can be consistently accomplished. They may also find special use, still combined with social distancing, in some settings such as labs where toxic vapors could accumulate in a cloth covering, or in conversations with students who may read lips due to hearing impairment. Face shields should be curved around the face and drop below the chin per CDC guidance, and should be disinfected by the user between each use. They should not be shared among users. Face shields will be made available to instructors, with distribution planned for prior to the start of on-campus instruction.
  • Acceptable Alternatives Generally, the only settings in which cloth face coverings and/or face shields could be exempted would be in large rooms or outdoor settings, such as auditoriums or amphitheaters, in which a minimum of 10-12 feet of social distance can be consistently maintained by the presenter.