Lions Covid Safety Guidelines

COVID-19 Updates for Fall 2022

MHU will follow CDC and SAC athletics conference guidelines for COVID-19 isolation and quarantine and for monkeypox.

Students who need to isolate will be recommended to do so at home for the 2022–2023 school year.

MHU will not perform surveillance testing. We will only test symptomatic individuals and those identified in contact tracing.

We still encourage, but do not require, COVID-19 vaccination. We will continue to offer COVID-19 and Flu Vaccine Clinics this semester.

Information for Students

Notify Renee Sprinkle, RN, Director of Medical Services, and/or your Athletic Trainer IMMEDIATELY if you are starting to feel sick, or are a close contact to someone who is positive for COVID-19 or monkeypox.

COVID-19 testing is free at the Student Health Center.

If you would like an appointment for monkeypox testing, vaccine, or to discuss treatment, please email, or call 828-689-1243.

If you are positive for COVID-19, or are a contact to a positive case, you will receive specific instructions from the Director of Medical Services, Renee Sprinkle, RN, and/or your Athletic Trainer regarding your Isolation and quarantine.

If you become positive for COVID-19 and live in campus housing, you will isolate either in Edna Moore or at home. This will be coordinated with Renee Sprinkle, RN, or your Athletic Trainer. No one will be permitted to isolate in their residence hall.

Information for Faculty and Staff

As soon as you (Faculty/Staff) have concerns that you may be ill, or are aware that you are positive for COVID-19, notify Renee Sprinkle, RN, Director of Medical Services and Jennie Matthews, Director of Human Resources.

Positive cases are reviewed with the Director of Medical Services on an individual basis, and the isolation period will be handled according to one’s health status on day 5 (if you are still sick on day 5, then your isolation period will be extended accordingly).

General Guidance:
A person that is positive for COVID-19 will isolate for 5 days, and then, if you are fever-free without the use of a fever reducer for 24 hours and symptoms are improving, then you are eligible to come out of isolation using a mask for indoor gatherings for the remaining 5 days.

***On day 5 everyone must report to the Student Health Center to be cleared by Renee Sprinkle, RN. A copy of your clearance document must be given to Jennie Matthews immediately.***

If you are a contact to a positive case as defined by being within 6 feet for 15 minutes over the course of a day, then you will need to come to the Student Health Center and test on day 5.

Student Health Ambassadors

MAHEC Student Health Ambassadors (SHA): Our SHAs are here to offer you peer support and answer questions, to provide resources to help keep MHU safe and healthy, and to help promote a culture of wellness on our campus. If in need of a mask, feel free to contact them at