Mars Hill University Celebrates Achievements of Faculty and Staff

Mars Hill University held its 9th annual reception honoring the scholarly and creative achievements of its faculty and staff over the 2018 calendar year. This year’s reception, held March 26, 2019, celebrated 15 employees. The event is coordinated by the university’s library committee.

scholarly and creative achievements recognition

(l-r) Adrienne Akins Warfield, Zeddidiah Griffin, Nicole Soper Gorden, Jessica Van Cleave, Ethan Mannon, Robert Zinna, Eric Steineger, Chris Cain, Scott Pearson, Jon Gripentrog, Yael Baldwin, Kenn Kotara.

Recognized this year were:

  • Yael Baldwin, psychology: authored a chapter in “Reading Lacan’s Ecrits”
  • Laura Boggess, biology: authored a two-page spread in “Southern Pisgah Rock and Ice”
  • Chris Cain, education: created a mathematics curriculum program for students of differing abilities
  • David Gilbert, history: wrote a historical essay for the album notes (for which he was nominated for a Grammy Award) of “The Product of Our Souls: The Sound and Sway of James Reese Europe’s Society Orchestra”
  • Jeddidiah Griffin, biology: authored articles in two professional publications
  • John Gripentrog, history: authored a chapter in “Nation Branding in Modern History”
  • Kenn Kotara, art: held four exhibitions of his artwork
  • Ethan Mannon, English: authored an essay in “Telling the Stories Right: Wendell Berry’s Imagination of Port William”
  • Scott Pearson, biology: authored an article in “Ambio: A Journal of the Human Environment”
  • Ann Peiffer, psychology: authored articles in two professional publications
  • Nicole Soper Gorden, biology: authored an article in “American Journal of Botany”
  • Eric Steineger, English: had his poetry book, “From a Lisbon Rooftop,” published, as well as four additional publications
  • Jessica Van Cleave, education: authored five articles in professional publications
  • Adrienne Akins Warfield, English: authored essay in “Teaching the Works of Eudora Welto: Twenty-First Century Approaches”
  • Robert Zinna, biology: authored an article in “Molecular Ecology”