Huffman Residence Hall
Huffman Residence Hall

Huffman Residence Hall (Upperclass Residents)

Huffman Residence Hall sits next to Stroup and Edna Moore atop what historically has been called “women’s hill.” Originally constructed in 1947, the five story building underwent modest renovation in 1989. In 2015  Huffman was extensively renovated. Huffman has double occupancy rooms for 122 upperclass residents and with community style restrooms on each floor.

Room Arrangement: Double Rooms
Floors: Five
Bathrooms: Community
Typical Room Size: 12’6” x 14’
Windows per room: two
Window Size: 36” x 62”
Window Coverings: Window shades
Kitchen: Community
Lounges: Large TV Lounge and Study Lounge on second floor
Elevator: No
Laundry: Four washers and three dryers on first floor
Air Conditioning: No
Flooring: Tile bedrooms

What’s in a typical room?

  • 2 Bunkable extra long twin-size Beds
  • 2 movable dressers with closet space
  • 2 movable desks with chairs
  • Ethernet computer access point (1 per student)
  • Large Overhead Fluorescent Light
  • Radiator Heat system
  • Smoke detector
  • Wifi Access
  • Digital Cable TV assess point