Intramural Sports

Mars Hill University’s intramural sports program is set up for all enrolled students, faculty, and staff regardless of age or sex. Following the old adage that a sound mind and a sound body go together, intramural sports provide excellent opportunities for developing sportsmanship and team play.

The primary purpose of the intramural program is to provide every opportunity for students, faculty and staff to participate in the athletic competition or recreational activities of their choice. All that is required of the individual is the desire to participate and a good attitude. Athletic skill is not a prerequisite.

Objectives: The objectives of the intramural program include:

  1. Providing an opportunity for better physical and mental health through satisfying team and individual sports.
  2. Providing an opportunity to develop recreational skills for the present and future.
  3. Providing an opportunity to develop sportsmanship, character and honesty (in regard to rules).
  4. Providing an opportunity for a student to develop the spirit of cooperation and loyalty to a group.
  5. Providing an opportunity to enjoy hard, clean competition, in favorite, familiar and new activities.

Staff Information

Cody Dill
Student Intern