Be one of the first to have a MHU specialty license plate

Mockup of NC license plate with MHU logoThe Mars Hill University Alumni Office has a new project that will take a pre-commitment from alumni in North Carolina. In order for a North Carolina MHU specialty license plate to be made available, the project must have 300 paid applications to be eligible. A portion of the fees will be returned to MHU and contributed to the Mars Hill Fund, which supports the wellbeing of the institution.

In order to have these plates produced and available to North Carolina residents, you will need to complete the following steps:

1) Fill out the form – MVR-27PPA which is linked here and email back to Please note that the first 300 plate requests submitted are required to be produced on the same background so please select “First in Flight.” In order to fill out the form, please use the contact information for Joy Kish, listed below.

Prior to completing the application be sure to have the following required information handy.

  • Driver License Number
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN #)
  • Vehicle Insurance Policy Number

2) Submit payment here – The fee is $25 for the Specialty Plate or $55 if you want your Specialty Plate personalized. Note: $25.00 goes on the line for “Standard Special Plate Fee.” Personalization is optional. If you want to personalize, it is an additional $30.00. Your total fee will be $25.00 or $55.00 (if personalized). Both of these fees reoccur annually in addition to your regular registration fee.

If we do not get 300 paid applications, your money will be refunded.

If you would prefer, you may print the form MVR-27PPA (download by clicking the link) and send your form along with a check to Joy Kish/MHU Alumni Office, P.O. Box 6792, Mars Hill, NC 28754.