Program Costs

Program Costs

Associated costs that students enrolled in the Athletic Training Education Program should expect to incur are as follows:


  • Initial Certification occurs in AT 220 as part of our curriculum. This course is required and the certification fee is part of this course. Fees may change from one year to the next, but typically have been $35.00 for a 2 year certification. This covers your Sophomore-Junior Years.
  • Senior Year we recertify all seniors in August during preseason orientation meetings as a requirement. Again costs may vary, but have typically been $35.00.


To be implemented Fall 2016 and ongoing therafter:

  • Sophomores: $100.00
  • Juniors and Seniors $60.00

These fees go to cover expenses necessary for requirements meeting compliance of clinical sites used for clinical experiences. Fees specifically cover:

  • Background check – one time occurrence unless student unenrolls and re-enrolls in MHU
  • Drug Testing
  • Annual ppd Vaccinations
  • Annual Flu Vaccinations


AT students have club on campus through SGA and plans events throughout the year. Involvement in the community, on campus, and with other AT programs/professional organizations are opportunities available. Fee is $10.00 annually.


AT students are responsible for transportation to and from clinical experiences on and off campus. In the event that students are scheduled off campus, every attempt is made to schedule in groups of 2 in order to allow for carpooling and cost saving. Standards and guidelines prevent the ATEP and institution from providing funds to cover costs for transportation to clinical experiences as this is a part of their education.