Dean’s Council

The Dean’s Council functions in an advisory and decision making capacity to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Membership is comprised of the deans of the four academic divisions, the dean of the school of nursing, the dean of general studies, the dean of adult and graduate studies, the dean of academic records & university registrar, and the dean of library services.

Provost: Dr. John Omachonu
Dean of Fine Arts: Dr. Rick Cary
Dean of Professional Programs: Dr. Beth Vogler
Dean of Mathematics and Natural Sciences: Dr. Scott Pearson
Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences: Dr. Phyllis Smith
Dean of Nursing: Dr. Cathy Franklin-Griffin
Dean of General Studies: Cathy Adkins
Dean of Adult and Graduate Studies: Dr. Jim Brown
Dean of Academic Records & University Registrar: Marie Nicholson
Dean of Library Services – Bev Robertson
Faculty Chair: Marc Mullinax
Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment: Audrey Martin-McCoy
Donna Parsons