Women's Studies Minor

In addition to their major requirements and the general education curriculum required of all Mars Hill University students, women’s studies minors take 18 semester hours.

WS 200 Women in Society
Two from:
ENG 330 Women’s Literature

HIS 330 Women in the American Experience

HIS 403 Latin American Women

PSY 317 Psychology of Gender and Sexuality
REL 336 Women and Religion

SOC 226 Sociology of the Family

WS 457 Directed Readings

WS 461 Intership (adaptable)


Electives may be chosen from among the above listed regular women’s studies courses, adaptable/crosslisted courses, and special topics courses. Sudents declaring a minor in Women’s Studies must consult the program coordinator for guidance.

Adaptable courses have included:

BIO 213 Human Biology

COM 301 Mass Communication and Society

ENG 325 British Literature 1900–Present

ENG 354 Language and Popular Culture

HIS 349 Appalachian Oral History

HIS 401 Modern Latin America

HIS 402 History of Mexico

HIS 452 Modern Japan

PS 211 Political Mobilization

PSY 313 Child Psychology

PSY 314 Adolescent and Adult Development

REL 237 Religions in America

REL 240 Islam

REL 241 Hinduism and Buddhism

REL 341 Christian Ethics

SOC 111 Introduction to Sociology

SOC 214 Class, Status, and Power

SOC 327 Health and Society

SOC 389 Sociology of Food and Eating

SW 331 Social Welfare Policy and Services I

PSY/SOC 308 Social Psychology

PHI Most Philosophy courses are WS adaptable