Social Work Programs

B.S.W. in Social Work (128 Hours)
Students must complete requirements outlined in: I. General Education Requirements II. Major Requirements

III. Electives

I.General Education Requirements
Students must complete the Liberal Arts in Action Commons and Connector course requirements. Nine semester hours of Connector courses may be met by major requirements as follows:

Natural Science
NS 111 Introduction to Biological Sciences 3
Social Science:
PSY 111 General Psychology 3
Second Natural/Social Science:
SOC 111 Introduction to Sociology 3

II. Major Requirements
(9-51 Hours)

SW 215 Intro Soc Work Profession 3
SW 221 Evidence Based Research Methods
SW 300 Human Behavior & Soc Envirn I 3
SW 400 Human Behavior & Soc Envirn II 3
SW 331 Soc Welf Policy & Ser I 3
SW 332 Soc Welf Policy & Ser II 3
SW 317 Social Work Practice I 3
SW 321 Social Work Practice II 3
SW 325 Social Work Practice III 3
SW 361 Junior Field Internship 3
SW 500 Senior Field Internship
& Integrative Seminar 15

III. Electives (25-28 Hours)
Students may choose to meet the elective hours required by completing a second major, a minor,
or selected courses of personal interest.

Admissions Policy:
The Social Work Program conducts its own formal admissions process. Guidelines and application introduced in SW 215. Transfer students may consult with program coordinator.

Transfer Policy:
Social Work courses may be transferred as course equivalents provided they were successfully completed in a CSWE accredited BSW program.

No College Credit for
Work or Life Experience Policy

Without exception, college credit shall never be awarded for any prior or current work and/or life experience(s). For example, an incoming BSW major may have documentation supporting a current or former employment assignment (e.g., Department of Social Services); while we recognize the value of this training, we cannot award college credit for the experience.