Social Work Alumni

What are our alumni doing with their degrees?
Elizabeth Newton, BSW December 2008, employed as a Family Services Counselor/Survivor Outreach Coordinator at Ft. Eustis in Newport News, VA

Lauren Edwards, BSW May 2008, employed as the social worker for Emerald Ridge Rehab and Care Center in Asheville, NC

Tanya Rowell, BSW May 2007, employed in Adult Protective Services with Madison County Department of Social Services, Marshall, NC

Rachelle Brockway Cornwell, BSW May 2006, employed with the Murphy Counseling Center, Murphy, NC

Seven graduates are currently pursuing their MSWs (Master of Social Work):
- Tamela Shanks at University of Pittsburg;
- three students at Western Carolina Univsersity: Erin Bennet Galloway (BSW, '05); Meredith Hammond (BSW, '09), and Penny Ramsey (BSW, '09)
- three students at East Tennessee State University: Elvira Forero (BSW, '05); Lynne Mattos (BSW, '05), and Laura LaFrancis Smith (BSW, '07)