Senior Seminar Projects

All Psychology and Art Therapy majors complete a senior thesis project before graduation. This project involves deep library research on a specific topic of interest to the student. Most undergraduate courses are designed to give students a broad base of knowledge. Senior Seminar is the culmination of the Psychology and Art Therapy majors, where students explore a more narrow topic, but in much greater detail. Students are encouraged to select a topic that is related to future career or graduate school goals, and many graduates report that their senior thesis work helped them in their careers or graduate school education.

Here are some examples of Senior Thesis topics:

Fall 2013 Senior Seminar Booklet

Changing Construal Levels for College Students Concerning Career Choices
Shelly Dunnavant

Mindfulness and Therapy
David Brody Gibson

Little White Lies: Fabricated Remorse, Body Language, and Lie Detection
Miranda Carballo

Therapeutic Techniques for Painful or Traumatic Memories: Pharmacology versus Depth Psychotherapies
Hillary Modlin

Noise Stimulation and Reaction Times: A Comparison of Different Age Groups
Matthew Starling

Thinking Styles and Ritual Dance Movement
BJ Tankersley

Improving Short Term Memory Capacity: Parental Intervention Techniques for Individuals with Down Syndrome
Paige Epley

The Use of Educational Computer Games with Preschool Aged Children to Improve Scores on a Childhood Intelligence Test
Lea Foden

Motivational Techniques for Performance Enhancement of Athletes: Goal Setting vs. Imagery Training
Tony Hearrell

Parents and Education: How Writing Therapy Can Help
Ashley O’Neal Starnes

Sexuality and Cognition: Do We Consciously Choose our Preferences?
Amanda Armstrong

This is War: Being LGBT and Making it Trough High School
Ciara Felder

I Don’t Want to Go to School Today: The School Counselor’s Role in the Transition from Middle School to High School
Jonathan Lanier

Children Caught in the Middle: Culture’s Body Image Ideals Transition and the Fast Food Nation
Sarah Paquette

America the Homeless: An Investigation of Mental Health Care and Homelessness in the United States
Tina Rathburn