Psychology Programs
B.A. in Psychology (128 Hours)
Students must complete requirements outlined in:
I. General Education Requirements
II. Major Requirements
III. Electives

I. General Education Requirements
Students must complete the Liberal Arts in Action Commons and Connector course requirements. Three semester hours of Connector requirements may be met by major requirements as follows:
Social Science: PSY 111 General Psychology 3

II. Major Requirements
Four required courses (12 credits):
PSY 111 General Psychology
PSY 220 Behavioral Science Statistics
PSY 225 Research Methods in Psychology
PSY 470 Senior Thesis (Capstone)

One course from each group (12 credits):

Group A: Clinical Psychology

PSY 311 Personality Theory OR
PSY 318 Abnormal Psychology OR
PSY 319 Foundations of Counseling and Psychotherapy

Group B: Socio-cultural Psychology

PSY 308 Social Psychology OR
PSY 316 Language, Culture, and Psychology OR
PSY 317 Psychology of Gender and Sexuality

Group C: Developmental Psychology

PSY 313 Child Psychology OR
PSY 314 Adolescent and Adult Development

Group D: Cognitive/Physiological Psychology

PSY 301 Cognition OR
PSY 302 Physiological Psychology OR
PSY 310 Intelligence & Creativity

Three additional courses (9 credits)
These additional courses can either be from groups A-D, PSY 312 History and Systems of Psychology, PSY 327 a special topics course, PSY 457 Directed reading, PSY 461 Internship, OR PSY 471 Research Activity.

III. Electives
Students may choose to meet the elective hours required by completing a second major, a minor, or selected courses of personal interest.

Minor in Psychology (18 Hours)
Students desiring to complete a minor in Psychology must complete the following requirements.

PSY 111 General Psychology (3 credits)
Five additional courses (three of which must be from the required courses or the different groups A-D above) (15 credits)

Note On Credit Limits
A total of six semester hours of the following psychology courses may count toward the major and three toward the minor: Psychology 457, 458, 460, 461, and 471.