Jonna Kwiatkowski, Ph.D.

Jonna4 SmallEducation:
B.A., Saint Mary’s College, 1994
Ph.D., University of Maine, 2002
Post-Doctorial Fellowship, Yale University, 2000-2002

Courses Taught:
PSY111 General Psychology
PSY220 Psychological Statistics
PSY221 Cognition
PSY222 Physiological Psychology
PSY225 Research Methods in Psychology
PSY310 Intelligence & Creativity
PSY312 History, Philosophy, and Systems
PSY400 Research Activity
PSY470 Senior Thesis and Seminar

Professional Description:
I am an experimental psychology teacher and researcher. My area of speciality is the cognition of creativity and aesthetics. I explore creativity and aesthetics through the courses I teach, and through research projects. My favorite research involves students. You can get involved in projects exploring how creativity teaches science better, how creativity changes with age, and how movement encourages creative insight.