Political Science Majors and Minors

B.A. in Political Science

General Education Requirements (Social Scientific Perspectives)

111 – Introduction to American Government and Politics
121– Introduction to Global Politics

Major Requirements

230 – Advanced Global Politics
341 – Ethics, Politics, and Policy
461 – Internship or 460 – Independent Study
Electives (Special Topics, Cross-listed classes, or INS 300)
470 – Senior Seminar
Two courses from:
 335 – Congress and the Presidency
 336 – Citizenship and Political Participation
 337 – American Constitutionalism
Two courses from:
 320 - Global Politics and Conflict
 321 - Global Politics and Cooperation
 322 - Global Politics and Development
 323 - Global Politics and Human/National Security
* One of these courses would meet the Social Scientific Perspectives requirement. Both courses are required for the major.

Minor in Political Science

Students desiring to complete a minor in Political Science must complete the following requirements.

PS 111 American Government
PS 121 Introduction to Global Politics
One Political Science course 300 level or higher
Three additional courses in Political Science