*RN to BSN Program - Overview and Application Information

The RN to BSN program provides an opportunity for registered nurses (RNs) with a diploma or associate degree in nursing to earn the Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. Of the 128 semester hours of credit (shc) required, 64 shc are in nursing (NUR) courses and 64 shc are in non-nursing courses. The Mars Hill University (MHU) RN to BSN Program is offered at the Adult and Graduate Studies Learning Site at 303B Airport Road, Arden, and is the only seated (classroom) RN to BSN Program in the western North Carolina region. The NUR courses are delivered in a semi-online method with a class session once each week from 4:30 – 9:30 pm.

Nursing credit hours

Credit for previous nursing coursework = 31 shc
Required Nursing credit hours within the RN to BSN Program = 33 shc

Non-nursing credit hours

Required Non-nursing credit hours = 64 shc

The BSN Programs at Mars Hill University equip students with the knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions to provide innovative health care across the lifespan through the roles of provider of care, designer of care, member of the profession, and member of the interdisciplinary team. Students will experience an education that:

  • Sharpens critical thinking and clinical judgment
  • Enhances healthy promotion and cultural sensitivity perspectives
  • Insists upon effective, interactive, and interdisciplinary communication
  • Engages with the community

Judge-McRae School of Nursing Requirements for the RN to BSN Program:

  • GPA 2.5 (on a 4.0 point scale) OR 2.4 (on a 4.0 point scale) with 3+ years experience
  • Transcripts from all previous institutions
  • Current, unrestricted license to practice as a Registered Nurse in North Carolina
  • Completed Medical Form
  • Current Immunizations
  • Current CPR Card
  • Liability Insurance (obtained through Mars Hill University)
  • Clean Criminal Background Check for all states of residence for past 7 years

To apply:
Step One: **Apply to Mars Hill University through Adult and Graduate Studies. The application can be found online at www.mhu.edu/ags.
Step Two: Once accepted to the Mars Hill University Adult and Graduate Studies, apply to the Judge-McRae School of Nursing at www.mhu.edu/nursing.

For more information regarding the Adult and Graduate Studies, contact:
Malory Presley
AGS Student Support Assistant/Receptionist
Adult & Graduate Studies
Mars Hill University
P.O. Box 6682
(828) 689-1166

For more information regarding the Judge-McRae School of Nursing, contact:
Marlene Gile
Administrative Assistant to Dean
Judge-McRae School of Nursing
Mars Hill University
P.O. Box 6678
(828) 689-1600

*Mars Hill University is regionally accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) and approved to award the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. The Baccalaureate degree in nursing at Mars Hill University (Judge-McRae School of Nursing) is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

**Admission to Mars Hill University does not guarantee acceptance to the Judge-McRae School of Nursing RN to BSN Program.


Total semester hours of credit required for BSN at MHU: 128
Major (NUR) hours: 64 (33 RN to BSN Program; 31 Transferred) Non-major hours: 64

Required Non-Major Courses (at MHU or Articulation with NCCCS or Colleges/Universities):
Mars Hill University Articulation with NCCCS
First-Year Seminar (6 hours) FYS 111 + FYS 112 ACA 115, 118, 112
College Composition (6 hours) ENG 111 + ENG 112 ENG 111,112,113,114
Health & Wellness (3 hours) HEA 111 HED 110, PED 110
Aesthetic (3-6 hours) Any – Recommend 3 hours ART, DRA, MUS 114, ENG 125, ENG 126
Global (3 hours) Any – Recommend RS 11, SPA Any GEO or Foreign Lang., REL 111,REL 112
Humanities (6 hours from 2 disciplines)
Ethics, Religion, Philosophy
Recommend History, Literature HIS 131, 132; PHI 215; REL 211, 212 ENG 231, 232, 233, 241, 242, 261, 262; HUM 130, 160, 220
Natural Science (4 hours) NS 111, NS 115 (or approved sub.) Biology, Cells, Molecular, Epidemiology
Quant. Reasoning (3 hours) MAT 107 (or approved MAT) MAT 140, 161, 271
Social Sciences (3 hours PSY 212 (or approved substitute) PSY 241
Ideas & Innova. – US (3 hours) Any – Recommend REL 343 (or approved substitute) ENG 271; HUM 121, 122; HIS 162
Ideas & Innova.-World (3 hours) Any – Recommend REL 336 or CJ 320 (or approved substitute) HIS 111, 112, 115; ANT 220; HUM 211, 212
Other Non-major Courses Required: Anatomy & Physiology I and II (6 hours); Developmental Psychology (3 hours)
Other Non-major Hours: Total 9 hours

*Recommended Non-major Courses for Remaining 12 Non-major Hours: SOC 417 or SW 417 (Death & Dying); SOC 220 (Behavioral Science Statistics); SOC 213 (American and Appalachian Cultural Systems); SW 300 (Human Behavior and the Social Environment I); REL 341 (Christian Ethics); REL 343 (Religion in Appalachia); REL 336 (Women and Religion); PSY 311 (Personality Theory); HIS 349 (Appalachian Oral History); HIS 350 (African-American History; ED 401 (Educational Psychology)

*See Nursing and Adult Graduate Studies Advisors to verify course articulations.

Total Major NUR Hours: 64 shc (33 in RN to BSN; 31 transferred in from previous school of nursing)

Summer Semester
NUR 212R: Transition to BSN for RNs (3 shc)
NUR 257R : Transcultural/Global Health for RNs (3 shc)

Fall Semester
NUR 322R: Nursing Statistics for RNs(3 hours)
NUR 323R: Nursing Research and Evidence-based Practice for RNs (3 hours)
NUR 420R: Promoting Healthy Aging and Quality of Life for RNs (3 hours)
NUR 421R: Promoting Community Health for RNs (5 hours )

Spring Semester
NUR 422R: Leadership, Finance, and Policy for RNs (3 hours)
NUR 423R: Bioethics and Law in Nursing Practice for RNs (3 hours)
NUR 450R: Focused Scholarly Work for RNs (4 hours)
NUR 470R: Focused Practicum for RNs (3 hours)

Other (by permission of Dean of Nursing): NUR 457: Directed Studies; NUR 460: Directed Readings

If no more than 4 non-nursing courses are remaining, the courses can be taken with the RN to BSN nursing courses. The program could be completed in a year's time by meeting one afternoon/evening each week at the AGS Asheville Learning Site. If there are 5 - 8 non-nursing courses remaining, those courses can be taken with the RN to BSN nursing courses. The program could then be completed in a two-year timeframe