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Weizenblatt Gallery To Feature Senior Exhibition

Weizenblatt Gallery at Mars Hill University will feature the work of senior student artists Jessica Woodburn and Heather Styles, from April 18 through the end of the spring 2016 semester. There will be an opening reception for the exhibition on Friday, April 22, from 6 to 8 pm.

Jessica ArtworkJessica Woodburn, a native of Louisburg, NC, is a senior studio art major with a concentration in digital photography. For this exhibition, Woodburn has created works that combine abstract painting with photography, using various unconventional materials and methods. The title of the exhibition, "Kairos," comes from a Greek word that refers to defining moments in life. Those moments, she said, may be good or bad, but they teach us and define who we are.

For Woodburn, that includes her lifelong struggle with dyslexia.

"I believe life is a series of God-given moments," Woodburn said. "Through personal experience, I have found that often the ones that define us the most are the experiences which break us. Brokenness is the constant in every life story as well as the ultimate equalizer. In addition, the acceptance of brokenness gives room for personal discovery and community."

Woodburn's work will remain on display in Weizenblatt Gallery through May 7.

Heather Styles is a senior from Bryson City, NC, who is majoring in psychology and art therapy, with a minor in studio art. The title of her exhibition is "Everyday Roles." Her exhibition will remain on display through May 9.

Styles ImageAccording to Styles, her work for "Everyday Roles" explores societal pressures to submit to archetypal roles in an effort to avoid existential fears and realities. The exhibition, she said, explores her own experiences with roles imposed by gender norms, traditional religious roles and values, and various public standards and expectations.

Her work consists of self-imagery which is manipulated through sewing, layers, and three-dimensional display.

"These pieces are my efforts to display these existential fears and internal conflicts as being hidden behind the archetypal roles we assume and project onto those around us," she said.

More images and information concerning the upcoming exhibition are available upon request. Please contact Jessica Woodburn at 919-495-3203 or or contact Heather Styles at 828-736-2722 or