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Presnell to Discuss Human Trafficking

Michele PresnellRep. Michele Presnell will be the guest speaker at an upcoming event at Mars Hill University about the topic of human trafficking. Presnell will be joined by Kate Stahlman, co-founder and outreach director for Compassion to Act, a faith-based ministry based in Charlotte, NC, which seeks to liberate and restore victims of human trafficking and exploitation.

"Human Trafficking in Our Own Backyard – What We Can Do to End It," will take place at 7 pm on April 24 at Broyhill Chapel. It is free and open to the public.

Presnell says on her website that she became interested in the issue of human trafficking through her work on House Bill 855, bipartisan legislation introduced in 2013 which protects the rights of minor victims of human trafficking.

“I learned more than I ever wanted to know,” she said on the site. “And I was very moved to do something about it. This bill won’t fix the whole problem, of course — but if just one child is saved from this horrible life, then at least we’ve accomplished something.”

Rep. Presnell represents the 118th district in the N.C. House of Representatives, covering Madison, Yancey, and Haywood Counties. This event is sponsored by the Mars Hill University College Republicans.