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Weizenblatt Gallery Features Asheville Artists Grant Penny and Kenn Kotara

Penny Untitled Botanical
Grant Penny: untitled botanical, paper collage on cradled panel, 2015

The next exhibition at Weizenblatt Gallery, running March 23 through April 10, focuses on the work of Asheville artists Grant Penny and Kenn Kotara.

A graphic designer by trade, Grant Penny said he enjoys getting out of the digital world when he creates his personal art. The exhibition will include a number of Penny's large size paper collages, assembled and drawn by hand. The works evoke a sense of simplicity, he said, that fills a need in his life.

"Beyond the personal satisfaction of doing this work, I found myself asking the question 'what does the art mean to me?'” Penny said. "Looking back at the work, collectively, the answer seemed obvious – and it is ultimately true of my life – I seek and crave simplicity. I am the most happy when I consciously enjoy the moment – making my daughter laugh – dancing with my wife in the living room - a good beer and a book. Simple things bring me joy and I try to convey that feeling of simplicity in my work."

Kotara Houston 2003
Kenn Kotara: Houston, 2003, Polaroid photograph

Kenn Kotara, an adjunct professor of art at Mars Hill University, normally works in diverse mediums in both two and three dimensions, and is known for paintings on canvas. This exhibition, however, will feature his work with Polaroid photography.

"Capturing a quick moment in time, I have used Polaroid photographs to document my travels for the past decade," Kotara said. "The images are artistic vignettes of architecture, interiors, landscapes, and cityscapes - man-made but void of people. …The square format harkens to a bygone era of photography, yet the subject matter records modern society in all of its manifestations."

Weizenblatt Gallery is free and open to the public from 10 am – 4 pm each weekday. It is located in the Moore Fine Arts Building of Mars Hill University.