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Mars Hill Sells Collector Tervis Cups to Benefit the Madison County Backpack Program

TervismugThe Lions' Athletic Department is selling collector Tervis cups. All proceeds will go to the Madison Backpack Program.

Contact Monica Gordy, Head Softball Coach ( or Pam Weaver, Athletic Administrative Assistant ( to purchase the collector Tervis. The cost of the Tervis cups are $20.

The MANNAbundance Back Pack Program reaches out to school-aged children in Madison County. MANNA works closely with school counselors, social workers and administrators who become their eyes and ears to recognize when students and their family members may be in need of healthy food over the weekend.

Schools are encouraged to handle bag distribution personally and confidentially and have their own procedures to accomplish this.

To help these families, MANNA provides food items to include in Manna Packs (food bags) that are sent home with children each Friday that schools are in session. Food collections are done locally and used to supplement the Manna Packs.

Checks should be made out to Mars Hill University (cost of Tervis plus shipping). When the checks are received the box will be mailed.
Credit cards are accepted via phone (828-689-1219). Box can be mailed the day of the phone call.
Shipping charges:
1 cup = $6
2 cups = $8
3+ cups = $12