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Faculty Sabbatical, Tenure & Promotion (2016-2017)

Announcement at Faculty Workshop Luncheon (August 16, 2016)

The following sabbaticals were approved by the Board of Trustees at their meeting on May 6, 2016:

  • Dr. John Gripentrog, Associate Professor of History (2016-17)
    • Dr. Gripentrog will use this full-year sabbatical to complete his research project dealing  with Japan's efforts to influence US public opinion in the 1930s by applying tools commonly associated with "cultural diplomacy." Sabbatical will allow Dr. Gripentrog to draw together many strands of scholarship–including dissertation evidence, journal articles, and additional research in Japan (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Japan Foundation archives) and the National Archives–to produce a valuable monograph that will not only enhance his own courses, but find a relevant place in university and college curricula. Dr. Gripentrog has received the Appalachian College Association Fellowship - $30,000 to offset adjunct/overload costs.
  • Dr. Joanna T. Pierce, Associate Professor of English (Spring 2017)
    • Dr. Pierce plans to examine the work of Winifred Holtby, early 20th-century novelist, critic, and journalist, through the lens of ecocritical theory, with a specific focus on her work about and during The Great War. The result of this sabbatical project will be an articlelength essay for publication.

The following faculty personnel actions were approved by the Board of Trustees at their meetings on  May 6, 2016:


  • Jessica West, M.F.A., Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts

Tenure and Promotion from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor

  • Amanda Knapp, Ph.D., Chemistry
  • Matthew Milnes, Ph.D., Biology
  • Kimberly Reigle, Ph.D., English
  • Laura Steil, Ph.D., Mathematics
  • Alan Theisen, Ph.D., Music
  • Adrienne Akins Warfield, Ph.D., English
  • Promotion From Associate Professor to Professor
  • Christopher Cain, Ed.D., Education
  • Joanna Pierce, Ph.D., English
  • Promotion From Assistant Professor to Associate Professor
  • Craig Goforth, Ph.D., Criminal Justice
  • Jennifer Rhinehart, M.S., Mathematics
  • Andrea Rockel, Ph.D., Biology
  • Susan Stigall, Ed.D., Education