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Cherokee Flag Added to Display

Cherokee FlagMembers of the Native American Student Association, officials from the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, and MHU President Dan Lunsford show the Cherokee flag which now is part of the display of flags in Pittman Hall.

The flag of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians has been added to the display of flags in Pittman Hall. Two rows of flags hang from the rafters of the university's main dining hall, representing the countries from which Mars Hill students come.

Members of the university's Native American Student Association (NASA) approached Mars Hill administrators last spring with a request to add the Cherokee flag to the display. NASA President Landon French, a senior at Mars Hill and a member of the Cherokee nation, said, "The idea just sort of came from alumni, past students, because they were always wondering when our flag was going to be put up with all the other international flags."

"It sounded like a wonderful thing for us," said Mars Hill University President Dan Lunsford, and when the idea was presented in the spring, he said his reaction was, "Of course, we can." As the university examined the display to determine where to place the Cherokee flag, administrators discovered there were other countries which have been represented in the student population but not in the flag display. Lunsford said those flags will be added, too.

The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and Mars Hill University have a long history of working together on opportunities for Cherokee students, as well as on historical and cultural issues.