Recent Graduates from MHU Biology Program

Biology Dawn
Dawn Dextrase is an environmental educator in Great Smoky Mountains Institute in Tennessee.

The list below represents a sample of successful graduates from our program. This list includes their present career endeavors and shows the diversity of careers pursued by our students.

  • Chris Ulrey, Ph.D. (1993): Botanist, Nat. Park Service, Blue Ridge Parkway
  • Jason Drake, Ph.D (1996): Forest ecologist, USDA Forest Service, Florida
  • Lee Gary (1997), Ph.D. Research scientist, Colorado
  • Andrew Runheim, MD (1997): Physician.
  • Tiffany Stork & Steve Rouse (1997): Physician Assistants, Atlanta.
  • Brian Bullman, Ph.D. (1999): Microbiologist
  • Kristy Pyatte (1999): Chemist, Baxter Laboratories.
  • Amy Panikowski (2000): Anthropology Program, Univ. of Florida
  • Alison Shannonhouse (2001): Physician Assistant
  • Allison Fender (2001): Physical Therapists
  • Tasha Painter (2001): Microbiology Program, Univ. of Tennessee.
  • Alyson Willis (2002): Research Technician, Campbell Univ. Pharmacy School.
  • Dawn Dextraze (2002): Environmental educator, Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
  • Mary & Brian Dawson (2002): Medical school, E. Carolina Univ.
  • Andrea Rockel, Ph.D. (2002): College faculty/microbiologist, Mars Hill University
  • Brian Dawson (2002): Physician, Greenville NC
  • Michael Gwaltney (2004): Physician's Assistant
  • Ben Jackson (2004): Medical Resident, East Carolina Univ.
  • Holly Carringer (2004): Optometrist, Alabama
  • Serena Roberts (2004): Pharmacist
  • Jared Bailey (2005): Respiratory Intensive Care Nurse, Chapel Hill NC
  • Phillip Bost (2005): Graduate student, Toxicology, NC State Univ.
  • Alma Coyle (2005): Environmental Educator, Riverbanks Zoo, Columbia SC.
  • David Thon (2007): Public Health scientist, Carter Foundation, southern Sudan.
  • Kristina Osborn (2008): Medical student, Univ. of Alabama
  • Courtney Clark (2009): Pharmacy student, E. Tenn. State Univ.
  • Jack Delaney (2009): Cell biology technician, UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Amber Leathers (2010): Nursing program student, Duke University
  • Joo En Kim (2010): Graduate student, Univ. of Michigan School of Public Health
  • Anna James (2010): Graduate student, Biomedical Sciences, Midwestern Univ., Arizona
  • Ashley McCarthy (2010): Physician Assistant student