HPER Programs

BS in Physical Education

The Physical Education curriculum offers academic preparation for a variety of careers in the physical education area. Courses focus on sports skills development; historical, philosophical, psychological, sociological, kinesiological and physiological foundations of the discipline; working with atypical individuals, research and statistical foundations; and teaching methodology.


Teacher Education
Students in the Teacher Education concentration will complete a student teaching internship which provides practical experiences and learning opportunities in a public school environment. Students who successfully complete the program in Physical Education Teacher Education will be eligible for licensure by the N.C. Department of Public Instruction.

The Coaching concentration and minor is designed to prepare the student for the field of coaching at the youth league, elementary, middle, and high school levels. Class instruction will include skill analysis, motivation techniques, teaching progressions, the development of a coaching philosophy, coaching skills, practice management, game management, statistics, team organization and more. Program participants will be placed with sports teams during internships to implement skills learned in the classroom.

Health & Wellness Promotion
The Health & Wellness Promotion concentration and minor is designed to prepare the student to work in the field of Fitness and Wellness promotion in multiple ways. The student will become versed in the principles of physical education, fitness and wellness assessment, implementation and promotion. Class instruction will include health education, personal trainer training, exercise & nutrition prescription development, behavior modification and introduction to business and marketing. Those students participating in this concentration or minor have the opportunity to test for a national certification in personal training.

BS in Recreation & Sport Management

The Recreation and Sport Management major offers a challenging academic environment which prepares the student for a career in the field of Recreation and Sport management. Courses focus on the philosophical foundation of the profession, the role and function of leisure services agencies in contemporary society, and the development of skills necessary for leadership, supervision, planning, and management of facilities, programs, and services. Students are connected to the world of work through the Field Work and Internship classes that provide firsthand experiences in various settings such as community parks and recreation departments, youth service agencies, churches, camps, nature centers, federal and state agencies, military, hospitals, nursing homes, and other sponsors of recreation and leisure services.


Aquatic Management
The Aquatic Management concentration is designed for the student who has a desire to manage water parks or community, college, or health club swimming facilities. The student will obtain a foundation in the management of these facilities and gain three (3) experiential education experiences through field work and internship.

Outdoor Recreation Management
The Outdoor Recreation Management concentration is designed for the student who would like to utilize the out-of-doors to provide programs for individuals. This concentration will provide the foundational skills and experiences in many outdoor recreational activities and the management of these activities in various settings.

Recreation and Leisure Services Management
The Recreation and Leisure Services Management concentration is designed for the student who has an interest in working in community recreation organizations and agencies and in the area of commercial recreation. This concentration provides opportunities for the development of knowledge and skills the students needs to enter into the profession.

Sport Management
The Sport Management concentration is designed for the student who would like to enter the professional field of sports and team management. This concentration will give the student the foundations skills and knowledge in the area of business and sport management. 

Physical Education
Recreation and Leisure Management
Sport Management