Senior Seminar Research Projects

*Denotes regional or national award-winning project (see Student Awards page)

Jacob Ashley, “A Canine Conundrum: The Treatment of Military Working Dogs in World War II and the Vietnam War”
Cody Clifton, “Spider-Man: Average Superhero, or Catalyst for the Ideas of the 1960s Counter-Culture?”
Andrew Greer, “Sweden: A Light in the Darkness of the Holocaust?”
David Moore, “Raising the Flag on the Moon: A Statement to and for the World”
Josh Patterson, “Is All History a Product of its Time?: How Context Affects Historical Interpretation”
Michelle Payne, “Be Officers, Be Gentlemen: How Women’s Military Involvement in Vietnam Shaped the US Military”
Laken Pilgrim, “Slavery and Public History: Interpreting Slavery at the Zebulon Baird Vance State Historic Site”
Seth Sayler, “Good Roads for Good People: The Good Roads Movement in East Tennessee, 1890–1930”
Nicholas Seago, “’Kill the Indian, Save the Man’: A Study of Richard Pratt’s Ideology”
Ashley Spears, “Child Labor in the US in the Late 19th Century: Competing Public Perspectives”
Paige West-Fisher, “Napoleon: How Power is Born”

Josh Dean, “The Social and Economic Impact of Spindletop Oil on Beaumont, Texas”
Dana Holcombe, “Work Yes, Handout No: Madison County and the New Deal”
Stephanie McGrath, “The United Nations and the Battle for Women’s Equality”
Chelsea Parker, “Richmond’s Jim Crow and Two Paths to Equality, 1954–968”
Michael Robinson, “War on Drugs, War on Student Rights, 1980–2000”
Rachel Rogers, “Peddlers of the Apocalypse: Chernobyl and its Imprint on the Ukrainian People”
Zach Searcy, “Beauty and Modernity in 1920s Appalachian Tourism”
Tyler Shuler, “Race and Gender Discrimination at Augusta National Golf Club”
Tiffani Taffer, “Caretakers of the Home front: Women of Appalachia during World War II
Stephanie Weikle, “Moonshine and Corruption in Catawba, NC, 1920 -1922”
Sarah Wilson, “The American Perception of China in National Geographic Magazine, 1900 -1949”

Logan Buchanan, “Erasing History: Removing Homesteaders from the Great Smoky Mountains NP”
Katie James, “Confederate Spies: Rose O’Neal Greenhow and Belle Boyd”
Benjamin Miller, “Prologue to Conflict: English Theatre and its Critics in the Elizabethan Era”
Traci Morgan, “Exhibiting Filipinos: Imperialism and Racism in the 1904 World’s Fair”
Derek Prevette, “Grabbing British Coattails: Caleb Cushing’s 1843 Mission to China”
Kelsey Steele, “Ava Gardner: Hollywood Goddess, Hometown Beauty”
Dustin Stone, “America’s Forgotten Patriots: The Japanese American 442nd Regiment in WWII”
Jonee Taylor, “Preserving Cultural Legacies: A History of Cherokee Basketry and Tourism”

Yonatan Arnold, “The Progressive Movement in Atlanta, Georgia”
*Patrick Cash, “Jim Crow's Lawyer: Sen. Sam Ervin’s Opposition to the Civil Rights Movement”
Natalie Haithcox, “The Impact of Title IX on Women’s College Sports”
Derek Hernandez, “The Shelton-Laurel Massacre in Madison County, North Carolina”
Mason Huffman, “Alaric and the Fall of the Roman Empire”
*Yi Lu, “Struggle and Massacre: China’s Leadership in the 1989 Beijing Student Movement”
*Trey Mayberry, “Sam Phillips, Elvis, & Rock N’ Roll: A Cultural Revolution”
Greg Smith, “Shoeless Joe Jackson: Overcoming Banishment”
Tyler Stephenson, “The History of the Rough Creek Cloggers of Waynesville, North Carolina”

Todd Allen, “How British Women Shaped the Discourse over Concentration Camps in the Boer War”
Amanda McMahan, “A Mixed Legacy: Heriot Clarkson and the Creation of Little Switzerland”
Chris Phillips, “How Asheville’s Gay Culture Influenced Economic and Social Change”
*Wes Skidmore, “The Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793 and the Christiana Riot of 1851: A Juxtaposition of Race Relations in Free Northern States”

Steve Bailey, “Prohibition in Yancey County, North Carolina”
Jessica Blanford, “The Doolittle Raid: The American and Japanese Response”
Natasha Cannon, “Working Women: Domestic Servants at the Biltmore House”
Libby Fitzpatrick, “The Impact of German U-Boat Warfare in Carteret County, North Carolina”
*Tyler Greene, “The 1925 Coal Glen Mining Disaster: NC’s Deadliest Workplace Accident”
Ashley Griffin, “The Downfall of Henry VIII”
Courtney King, “The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre”
Josiah Larson, “Nazism and Christian Dissidence, 1930–1935”
Ryan McCoy, “The Impact of the Nixon-Kennedy Debates on the 1960 Presidential Election”
Rick Miller, “The Gradual Loss of Freedom: Indentured Servitude to Chattel Slavery”
Megan Percy, “British Immigrants to Wisconsin in the mid-Nineteenth Century”
Doug Yarborough, “The Mission of the CSS Hunley during the Civil War”

Camila Bahr, “The 1929 Loray Mill Strike in Gastonia, North Carolina”
Colbe Klein, “The Cherokee Ballgame: A Resurrection of the Past”
Andrea McCrary, “The Women's War Effort on the Home Front in Mt. Airy, North Carolina”
Cherish McHone, “School Desegregation in Yancey County, North Carolina”
Lance Renes, “Ancient Sparta: An Athletic Society”
Pam Sherwood, “The Forgotten POWs of the Korean War”

Sara Craig, “’Equality’ vs. ‘Satisfaction’: The Loss of the Cherokee’s Political Presence”
Brandon Freeman, “F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Time in Western North Carolina”
Anne G’Fellers, “The Armenian Question and the American Answer (1915–1923)”
Randall Laws, “How did Yancey County Citizens view the Confederate Flag during the Civil War?”
Bekah Ludlow, “Keeping their Children Alive: The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo”
Ben Pierson, “Toyotomi Hideyoshi: Great Unifier of Japan”
David Rhoney, “Sheriff Jesse James Bailey: The Lion of Madison County”
Matthew Vogel, “The Templar Knights”
Matthew Waisner, “Piracy of the 17th and 18th centuries: Driven to Piracy”