Service Learning

Frequently asked questions concerning service-learning and the Center for Community Engagement:

Where can we explore service-learning opportunities at Mars Hill?

There are numerous service opportunities in the communities surrounding Mars Hill. You can access information about these opportunities by stopping by the Center for Community Engagement on the main floor of Marshbanks Hall. Come and see us!

While we’re exploring, how do we know what activities “count” for service-learning?

For the purposes of service-learning at Mars Hill, we define service-learning as any activity which:

  • meets an identified need of a particularly vulnerable part of society and
  • creates opportunities for new learning by stretching you, getting you out of your comfort zone, putting you in contact with people or situations you are unfamiliar with, and enabling you to test out the theories or ideas you encounter in the classroom.

What does it mean to explore the needs of a“vulnerable part of society”?

We recognize vulnerability in those segments of society that are at risk, without all the resources of the more powerful and privileged members of society. Indicators of vulnerability include but are not limited to poverty, discrimination, environmental degradation and threats to health and safety.