Mission Statements

Mars Hill University Mission Statement

Mars Hill University, an academic community rooted in the Christian faith, challenges and equips students to pursue intellectual, spiritual, and personal growth through an education that is:
• grounded in a rigorous study of the Liberal Arts
• connected with the world of work, and
• committed to character development, to service, and to responsible citizenship in the community, the region, and the world.

In keeping with the mission statement of Mars Hill University which sets forth the university's commitment to preparing and empowering men and women for rigorous study, real work application, and service and responsible citizenship, the Teacher as Progressive Leader model is built on our recognition that while continuous reworking of the program is necessary to continue preparing successful teachers in a changing world, certain sound principles about teaching - about human curiosity, growth and motivation - endure.  These constants include certain instructional principles as well as an understanding of teachers' responsibility to teach to the heart and not just the mind - to work toward social justice and equity.  The Mars Hill University Teacher Education Program is rooted in understandings of the relationship between rigorous inquiry, critical reflection, responsible action, and personal efficacy.  We believe that education traces its power and importance from Latin origins, e ducere, to "lead from," that is, from a limited state of awareness of our responsibilities to others.  A heightened awareness of these responsibilities, gained from critical reflection leads to the recognition that equity and social justice is a central objective for teachers.  This is consonant with the Mars Hill University Mission Statement.

Mars Hill University Teacher Education Mission Statement

The mission of the Teacher Education Program is to prepare teachers as progressive leaders, able to meet the challenges that will face them with optimism and energy and enable them to revive the positive conditions that make genuine learning possible.

Teacher Education Program Diversity Statement

A core value of the Teacher Education Program at MHU is one of critical agency that prepares candidates to take action to resist social injustice and economic inequity. We believe that faculty, staff, and students must have an understanding of and respect for human diversity and be prepared to empower others with the same understanding and respect.