Gibson Residence Hall

Gibson Residence Hall was built in 1969. Thirty-five rooms on three floors house up to 63 residents. Two communal bathrooms are on each floor. Gibson is close to Pittman Dining Hall and Moore Auditorium.

Room Arrangement: Double rooms with bathroom in center of building
Floors: Four
Bathrooms: Suite
Typical Room Size: 14 ’ x 16”
Windows per room: two
Window Size: 66” x 42”
Window Coverings: Venetian blinds
Kitchen: None
Lounges: TV Lounge and Study Lounge on first floor
Elevator: No
Laundry: three washers and three dryers on first floor
Air Conditioning: No
Flooring: Tile

What’s in a typical room?

2 Bunkable extra long twin-size Beds
2 built-in dressers with closet space
2 built-in desks with chairs
Book Shelf over each Desk
Desk Light on each Desk
Phone jack
Ethernet computer jack (2 per room)
Large Overhead Fluorescent Light
Radiator Heat system
Smoke detector