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Additional online career resources for you - a sampling of the many free websites available!


Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce
Provides a directory of all major employers in WNC which are members of the Chamber, statistics about local businesses and area demographics, employment opportunities and business resources.

North Carolina Division of Employment Security
This organization has many resources to support the job seeker. Search for current job openings by zip code, occupation, field, etc. This site also provides information about current labor market conditions, and projections for the future.


LinkedIn - Leverage a worldwide professional network to build relationships and connect with opportunities. Use LinkedIn Job Search Help to build on networks and uncover insights such as whom you may know at a company, giving you an edge in your job search. 

LiveCareer is a popular and informative national job hunting website, with a resume building software program. It also offers a career interest test, reports hiring trends, and offers advice about effective job seeking practices.

Sustainable Business Jobs
Jobs and internships with organizations committed to the theme "sustainable energy for all."

Career Athletes
Career Athletes is a jobs and internships network for athletes go to get jobs. The site works similar to LinkedIn, ensuring both athletes and employers are able to connect with each other.

Workplace Diversity
Connects candidates with employers who are proactive in their quest to create a diverse workforce.

Free information about job opportunities worldwide.

Jobs Abroad
Information about exciting job opportunities abroad: be a dolphin trainer in Mexico, a whale watching guide, a teacher in New Zealand, something you've never dreamed of before but may just be what you're looking for!
Search by state and city to find a variety of jobs in the local area you are interested in.

Inside Jobs
Discover cool careers, connect with inspiring people, and share your ideas and questions.

Theatre Communications Group
Hundreds of jobs listed by the National Employment Bulletin for the Arts, updated every three business days. Five distinct categories: Administrative, Artistic, Production/Design, Career Development and Education. Includes summer jobs, internships, festivals, schools, art centers, dance and opera companies, museums, orchestras, commercial organizations, etc., etc.

NC Health Careers
If you're interested in career options in the health field, this excellent, user-friendly, site will soon have an online version of the 2004-2006 North Carolina Health Careers Manual, as well as other related information.

Public Health Careers - In-depth public health career information in one place, including salary tools, career path timelines, and job resources. Also helpful is a guide to online Master in Public Health options.

Current Jobs for Graduates
Subscribe to online current job opening information in the fields of Liberal Arts, Writing & Editing, International, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Education, and Management & Business.
Advice on searching for jobs, interview do’s and don’ts, help with cover letters, tips for researching companies, as well as resume tips and a resume posting service.

Online Recruiters Directory
Two directories to help job seekers:
Recruiters Directory – a comprehensive, nationwide recruiters’ directory. The visitor can search for recruiters and headhunters by location, specialty or by other various criteria. The job seeker can send his resume to all relevant recruiters with one click.
Job Board Directory – a comprehensive Job Board Directory that is searchable by location or by specialty. There are more than 60 Job Boards listed in this directory.

Job Finder Advisory
The Job Finder Advisory is an interactive system offering customized, comprehensive and free expert career and job-hunting advice.

The New Social Worker
Social Work is emerging as one of the fasters growing occupational fields in the country. For a list of job openings and other social work career information, visit