Campus Life

Housing Accommodations Policy

Mars Hill University will consider reasonable housing accommodations for students with disabilities. The student must submit professional verifying documentation of the disability via the Housing Accommodation Request Verification Form and a Disability Services Request for Housing Accommodations Form to the Disability Services Coordinator. The Coordinator, along with the Director of Residential Life and/or Disability Services Committee, is charged with reviewing the documentation and making the decision regarding the student’s eligibility for reasonable accommodations.  Financial consideration will be given to students whose medical condition necessitates specific housing requirements upon written request to the Disability Services Coordinator.  For new students, it is requested that the request for modified accommodations along with supporting health care provider documentation is submitted as early as possible and preferably by June 1 for Fall Semester and November 1 by Spring Semester. While all completed requests will be evaluated in a timely manner to determine eligibility, students need to be aware that requests submitted within 60 days of the need for occupancy may not be guaranteed. Each student’s documentation and requested accommodations will be evaluated annually.  Additional documentation from a qualified health care professional may be required in accordance with the MHU documentation guidelines.

Request for Modification of Meal Plan Policy

If a student with a food allergy or other health issues requests to modify the University’s meal plan as an accommodation for a disability issue, the student must first provide professional healthcare provider documentation regarding the need for dietary accommodations to the Disability Services Coordinator.

If the documentation is sufficient, the student will meet with the Director of Food Services to determine how the student’s needs can be met.

Only if the Director of Food Services and the Disability Services Coordinator/Committee agree that Food Services cannot meet the student’s needs will a waiver of the meal plan be granted. Upon receipt of documentation from the Director of Food Services that the student’s needs cannot be met through Food Services, the Disability Services Coordinator will notify the Administrative Assistant for Student Development that the student will be granted a waiver from his/her meal plan.  

Approved students will be required to sign a statement that he/she does not wish to participate in the MHU Food Service meal plan and that they take full responsibility for their own nutritional needs.

Service and Assistance Animal Policy

Mars Hill University recognizes that there are some circumstances where a student with a qualifying disability may request and be approved for a Service or an Assistance Animal to achieve access to programs, activities, and services.  Students who wish to request a service dog or assistance animal as an accommodation to live in university housing must complete the application process and receive prior approval through the Office of Disability Services at least 60 days in advance before the need for occupancy.   Students must be approved through the Office of Disability Services; animals must be approved through Office of Residence Life before occupying university housing.

Animals that do not have prior approval to occupy university housing are considered to be pets. MHU Policy states, "Because of health reasons, such as sanitation, allergy concerns, and consideration for others, pets are not allowed in the residence halls. Fish in a tank no larger than 10 gallons are the single exception to this policy." 

Any student who brings an animal into the residence hall prior to receiving official approval through both the Office of Disability Services and the Office of Residence Life will be in violation of Residence Life Policy, must remove the animal, may face judicial sanctions and owe financial damages.

For additional information regarding Service and Assistance Animal Policy and the application process for requesting approval for a Service or Assistance Animal to live in university housing, please contact the Disability Services Coordinator at or