Campus Life

Disability Services Intake Process

The Disability Services Request for Academic Accommodations Form  or theDisability Services Request for Housing Accommodations Form  and supporting professional documentation must be submitted to the Disability Services Coordinator for review.  This form and other documentation may be mailed, faxed, scanned and emailed, or hand delivered to the coordinator’s office located in 306 Wellness Center in the Robinson Infirmary Building.  Once the documentation and form are received, the information is reviewed by the coordinator and, in some cases, the Disability Services Committee.  Decisions are made regarding the accommodations and notification of the committee’s decision is communicated via the individual student's MHU email account.  The student requesting classroom accommodations then meets with the coordinator to develop his/her Academic Accommodation Plan (AAP).  The AAP is a document signed by the student and the coordinator.  Students are generally responsible, unless other arrangements are agreed upon, to provide their AAP to their professor/instructor/coach(s).

Disability Accommodations Request Procedure:

  • The appropriate request formand documentation is provided to the Disability Services Coordinator
  • Documentation is reviewed by the Disability Services Coordinator and/or the Disability Services Faculty/Staff Committee
  • A letter/email notification is sent to the student requesting accommodations indicating the status of their documentation.
  • If documentation meets guidelines, the coordinator’s letter (ie official email sent to student MHU email account) apprises the student that s/he has been approved for the appropriate accommodations.
  • If the documentation is not sufficient, the coordinator’s letter advises the student the specific additional information/documentations that they need to provide to meet the guidelines and to request the accommodations.
  • Once the semester begins, the student should request to meet with the DS coordinator to receive her/his Academic Accommodation Plan (AAP) for each course.
  • Each semester students receiving academic accommodations must provide copies of the AAP for each new course.