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Vehicle Registration and Parking Enforcement Information 2016-2017

Due to ongoing major construction projects at Mars Hill University, parking is at a premium and violations of parking rules and regulations will be strictly enforced. Faculty, staff and students maintaining and parking a vehicle on campus are required to obtain a parking sticker (students) or hang tag (faculty and staff) and should park only in designated lots. The parking code for 2016-2017, including a list of designated parking areas and a parking fine schedule, as well as the process for the appeal of parking fines appears in the Link above concerning MHU Safety and Security Rules and regulations 2016-2017. A matrix detailing the designation of parking areas across campus as well as a map of parking designations appears below. Links to student parking registration forms, faculty and staff parking registration forms and parking waiver forms also appears below. If you have not registered your vehicle on campus, you can fill out the appropriate forms and send them to the Department of Safety and Security for processing.

View: Parking matrix
View: Parking map
View: Student parking form
View: Faculty/Staff parking form
View: Parking waiver form